‘Boycott China’: American Indians, Taiwanese, Tibetans protest at Times Square

Boycott China
Boycott China

The demonstration shows dozens of Indian Americans, despite the impact of the coronavirus in New York, stand in solidarity with Tibetan community members as well as Taiwanese Americans.

The Indians called for ‘Boycott China’ at the iconic Times Square in New York, a protest demonstration to China.

The protest comes following the death border conflict in the Himalayas, which killed twenty Indian troops and injured seventy-six. The demonstration saw dozens of Indians in solidarity with members of the NYC and Taiwanese-American communities, despite the effects of the coronavirus in New York.

Since the Galway standoff between India and China protests in several US cities have erupted and New York scenes have no different, as people have seen placards raise Indian and Tibetan national flags with pro-India and anti-Chinese slogans.

Demonstrators say that even if the “Chinese boycott” movement is more successful than expected, a lot needs to be done beyond simply preventing the use of Chinese goods.

Pegged as the three T’s to defeat China, the demonstrators stressed and demanded that they avoid the boycott of Chinese goods, the total Tibetan independence, and Taiwan’s full support.

Times Square demonstrators have stressed how a global coalition led primarily by three world leaders, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Donald Trump, and Japanese Price Minister Shinzo Abe would effectively handle these three Ts.

The president of the American India Public Affairs Commission Jagdish Sewhani has taken the stance that China is the “rogue communist” government that shows its “naked violence” towards its neighbors, and even India, in calling for the boycott of the China protest in New York.


“I say it is rouge because it has been engaging in ethnic cleansings of Hong Kong ‘s people against the peace-loving people of Tibet because it treats its own people,” Sewhani told. “Now the Muslims / Uyghurs are doing the same at Xinjiang in the province of China.

The protest also included Tibetan and Taiwanese asylum activists living in the USA joining Sewhani and the Indian community. The people of Tibet strongly condemn Chinese military intrusions to Indian territory, Dorjee Tseten, the National Assembly member for Exile, and Chief Executive Officer for Students in Free Tibet, told an address to the protesters.

“We invite India and the governments of the world to take immediate multilateral action against the oppressive rule of Beijing by opposing in principle and practice the ‘One Chinese Policy.'” Dorjee told.

The protestors at the march called “Boycott China” demanded an end to trade by boycotting Chinese goods, full Tibet’s independence, and Taiwan’s full support.

A few days earlier, the government banned 59 Chinese applications like TikTok, which was commonly used as an agitation against the expansionist regime in China and as a challenge to peace and stability in the Indian sub-continent.

The protesters also told that similar marches will take place in the next few days elsewhere in the world.


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