Jio takes Zoom, Google Meets with the free video conferencing app


On Thursday, Jio Platforms launched the video conference app, JioMeet, after 11 investors raised a further 1,17,588 crore. In addition, Jio Platform The Jio video conference application announcement calls upon the people of the country for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Aatmnirbhar Bharat.” Recently the Indian government has banned 59 devices, mostly Chinese, as “harmful to the dignity of India and its sovereignty.”

What is JioMeet?

JioMeet offers an infinite number of free high definition calls (720p) to apps like Zoom and Google Meet and helps up to a hundred participants. Interestingly, however, a short time limit for an appeal seems not to be enforced. Jio Platforms says that “up to 24 hours” free call can last uninterrupted. Whether Jio Networks, which has a reputation for offering services free of charge for years, plans to change it currently remains unclear. There are no paid plans for the service.

The video conference service offers “corporate-grade” host controls, Jio Platforms which began Jio Meet beta testing this year in May. It includes the ability to share a screen and work together with a password protection on any call, multi-device support (up to five units).

No required codes or invitations

No codes or invitations are required to start the call. Click on JioMeet to invite a connection for those who access the mobile version of the app and enter the client with no requirement for downloads.

Other features include the ability to switch obviously from one system to another and the ‘Safe Driving Mode.’ Hosts may also allow a ‘waiting room’ to make sure that participants are permitted to enter a call. Additional features of the app include scheduling meetings, interchanging screens, and more.

JioMeet on desktop

You can also access this video conference platform for users on desktop apart from Android and iOS phones via Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This is completely free.

Here is how the app will be downloaded:

On Mobile Device: Go to the Play Store, look up and download the JioMeet app.

On Desktop: Visit the JioMeet program website and download it.

JioMeet is currently ranked as 4.8 in the App Shop and 4.6 in GPS. 100k Android users have already downloaded the program.

Can the reliability be provided?

The Department of Home Affairs (MHA) warned the Zoom applications users in April that the applications for video conferencing are unsafe to use.

In April the Indian Government declared that the video conference program will be questioned for creativity. Govt wanted developers in India to develop an alternative to the Zoom video conference app. The winner is awarded a € 1 crore.

JioMeet says all the meetings are “encrypted” on the official website, but it does not provide details when encrypting is end-to-end. JioMeet must be prepared for other well-known videoconference platforms like Google Meet and Zoom.

JioMeet is today launched as tens of thousands of people operate from homes and live with friends via videoconferencing facilities.


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