Modi is taking a swipe over China, says expansionism is over

Modi is taking
Modi is taking

Prime Minister Narendra Modi charged China with harboring expansionist ambitions and pointed to Beijing’s “Expansionism Age” as he visited surprise the military base of Ladakh with the assassination of 20 Indian troops in a violent border confrontation with the Chinese army.

Modi’s withering assessment of Chinese ambitions took a telling measure that hadn’t gone unnoticed in Beijing when foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla told US, France, Germany, Japan, and Russia ambassadors in Ladakh about the breaches of the LAC by China.

“Expansionism is over, the growing age is over. It has been said by Modi to the Army and Indo-Tibetan Border Police in the capital of Ladakh, Leh in the history of expansionary forces.

Modi did not mention China by name, however, given the move by China towards territorial waters on the South China Sea and the East China Sea in addition to India in military standoffs, there was little doubt about its intended target. China was a country.

Modi said India committed itself to peace and friendship in his speech, but this undertaking should not be regarded as a sign of weakness. “The weak can never achieve peace, the brave can, he said. India made a strong comeback after every assault.”

He said, “We know, too, that the poor can not achieve peace; only the brave do it.” India believes in peace.

Modi also paid rich tributes to the soldiers slain during the 15 June brutal confrontation in Ladakhs Galwan Valley, on the visit to Leh, the headquarters of the Army Fourteen Corps, saying India’s enemies saw “the fire and fury” with which the military answered the challenges.

Modi said in reference to the rugged and inhospitable mountain terrain that the new control lines pass through: “Your bravery is greater than the heights you represent nowadays.

The observations came among other signs of a crystallizing world opinion against China, Japan shooting a rescue.

“Had a strong FS Shringla chat. His briefing was appreciated in the LAC situation, including GoI ‘s peaceful resolution policy. Japan is also hoping that dialog will bring about a peaceful resolution. In a Twitter post after a conversation with Shringla, Japan is opposed to all unilateral efforts at changes in the status quo, “Japanese Ambassador to India Satoshi Suzuki said.

The White House spokesman quoted President Donald Trump on Thursday saying, “This violent posture of China along the border between India and China matches a greater trend of Chinese violence in other regions of the world.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry Speaker, Zhao Lijian, said in a briefing earlier this day in Beijing: “India will prevent strategic miscalculations in respect of China.”

“It is groundless to perceive China as an ‘expansionist’ and to exaggerate and create conflicts with neighbors,” said Ji Rong, a Chinese embassy spokesperson for New Delhi in a Twitter post.

Later that day Modi went to the hospital to visit the soldiers wounded in the 15 June clash before his visit to Leh ended. “It was a good response, you gave them,” he said.

Modi went straight into a meeting of the Cabinet Security Committee, which was attended by Home, Defense and Foreign Minister’s, and other officials, upon his arrival in New Delhi.


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