Which communication channels are most effective in B2B right now

Every entrepreneur wants to get the most out of it and the effective result from their advertising investments. In such a situation, a lot depends on the starting point in the search for target customers and the quality of the service offered. If, for the promotion of goods, it is enough to correctly and clearly compile a description, not forgetting to integrate some chips and calls to action, then for the sale of services you will need to form an expert image with experience and knowledge of your business.

To begin with, you should decide on the message that you are going to broadcast, and only then launch the brand promotion on the market and acquaint the audience with your product. Both the method of communication and the format of the proposal depend on it.

You can experiment and use different ways of presenting information, which should ultimately lead to one key indicator – the density of the bookmark of the advertising message in the minds of the audience with a certain emotional attachment to the brand, which contributes to informed choice. There are several ways to build loyalty and develop feedback: partnership and thematic events, integration into social programs and special projects, publications in the media and on your own resource.

Unfortunately, the presence of information in the catalog or logo can not always show the approach and philosophy of the company, which is responsible for the important part in the process of making the final decision by the client. Trust is built not only on numbers and reports, which more reflect work efficiency and achievement of the set result, than they speak about attitude to non-standard situations and force majeure.

Do not forget about the financial side of the issue, requiring a thorough assessment of their capabilities. Having determined the range of investments, you can specify the directions and discard part of the advertising channels. Stop dreaming about videos on TV, which, with the wave of a magic wand, will provide a stream of orders and will raise the company to the leading group. Such miracles are rare, representing an exception to the rule and a great example of viral advertising, rather than a well-thought-out success strategy.

Basically, everything ends with disappointment due to the budget lowered into the toilet: “And why did we go there, it would be better to distribute the budget in different directions and evaluate the communication channels.”

Of course, understanding the options for brand promotion in the B2B sphere comes with experience, but, unfortunately, not at all and not always. Most entrepreneurs are well aware that even in the absence of clear budgetary constraints, it is necessary to analyze, forecast and test, starting from performance indicators and potential growth points. In the absence of stable financing (and this happens very often), use a creative approach in promoting the brand, which will help compensate for the budget deficit and reach the target audience in affordable ways.

It is necessary to monitor the regularity of information throws and to avoid oversaturation of the audience with monotonous advertising content. Excessive activity forms a negative attitude towards the brand, which is rarely converted into sales (of course, if we are not talking about thematic promotions and discounts dedicated to an important event). A potential client begins to have doubts about the honesty of the advertiser’s intentions: “Suddenly he wants to quickly get rich and topple with my money.” The abundance of a particular brand in a single period of time can be dictated by a banal desire to reach a new level or return lost positions.

We use several communication channels that provide us with a stable flow of incoming applications from business representatives.

contextual advertising

No need to be surprised and put forward theories about the poor effectiveness of this tool. It gives an excellent result for the business when it is in the reliable hands of a professional. You yourself will see this if you correctly prepare the advertising campaigns and work out the user’s chain after going to the site. We are well acquainted with the capabilities and potential of this method of promotion, therefore, we advise you to pay attention to the details and not to discard this communication channel due to several unsuccessful attempts.

Corporate blog

Everyone wants to collaborate with professionals and experts, after analyzing their skills and abilities, which are often expressed in specialized publications and case studies that emphasize the specialization of the company. Experience plays a decisive role in the final stage of choice, of course, if we are talking about objective criteria. There is no need to lock yourself in and wait for a convenient moment to tell a potential client the secret of past success or knowledge of promotion mechanics prohibited on the territory of the U.S.A. It is not necessary to contact the media to integrate profile content into the media. It’s enough to make maximum use of the capabilities of your site and do not forget about the feedback in the comments.

Email Marketing

First you need to evaluate your strengths: prescribe a content plan and create a mailing schedule to organize a delivery system of quality materials and marketing offers with pronounced regularity. If the company does not have the resources or the desire to remind itself of customers at least once a month, then it is better for it to concentrate on other advertising channels. The easiest and most obvious way to use two directions of promoting your services at once is to make a selection of publications from the corporate blog, accompanying them with a thematic eyeliner and a short digest of current news. In addition, it will be useful to form a subscriber base, work on loyalty and integrate special offers in the format of native advertising.

Industry Events

This is a great opportunity to talk about your product or service, emphasize the original positioning and stand out against the general background due to the unique presentation or limited discount. We do not take expensive stands, investments in which are rarely returned, compensating for this by creative presentation and work on audience loyalty to the brand. Attract attention with a non-standard design, delicious snacks, because everyone loves to eat, as well as informative accompanying materials and original solutions. Make a print magazine, create a botanical garden at the stand, organize THAT advertising campaigns right on the spot, etc. Be sure to act as a speaker, talking about victories and practical experience. In addition, do not forget about the deferred transaction and the cumulative effect characteristic of the B2B sphere.

Social networks

It seems to me that everyone knows about this, but if not, then urgently needs to be corrected. Focus on one or two social networks where your target audience is. Work through the visual content of the page, prepare a content plan and determine the frequency, highlight potential viral publications and promote them with targeted advertising. The main thing – do not forget to interact with users and adequately respond to negative attacks, which just can not be avoided even with the most ideal plan. It is better to concentrate on Facebook if we are talking about an adult and solvent audience aged 23 to 50 years. Business people don’t like it when they try to add them to a group or event using free promotion methods,

Special Projects

Experiment, look for new sites and accommodation options, perhaps even by barter. For example, a year ago we launched an advertisement on Radio with a total cost of creating and promoting videos of 50 thousand dollars. Three months later, we received several creative applications for a similar advertising campaign from existing customers and three new customers with a good advertising budget.

Opportunities for promotion in the B2B sphere are not limited to these options; there is a wide range of communication channels with the audiencusing SMM Service. I talked about several advertising formats that are available for any business and do not incur serious financial costs. I wish all readers successful campaigns and excellent performance indicators.



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