Visit Hidden Places in Thailand

Visit Hidden Places in Thailand
Visit Hidden Places in Thailand

Before I begin to explain the reason for writing the above quote, let me grind you through a brief brief “behind the scenes”. To get here, book your flight ticket through Jetblue Reservations.

This was when I and my beaver were told that we were the most exciting people in terms of exploring the world and exposing the places in front of the world since our college days, in fact, the places that Never heard before! This dialogue between us and our friends reminded us of things; For a few years now, we have been traveling to more traditional destinations than necessary, avoiding the real taste of travel and exploration.

And this was not how we were a few years ago. This night certainly ignited the unconventional traversing appetite. Although Indian states were our main call earlier, it was time for some change!

And after this point of time with some crazy plans, overnight discussion, Thailand became our point of attraction. Easy flights, budget destinations, a land of Buddhism, an abundance of wonders, and a wide variety of terrains including hills to islands attracted the mood and strategy of our trip.

Some websites were scrolled, books were checked and maps turned, and next thing I knew, flight tickets were done in late January and we were landing ourselves in Bangkok. The real journey was now about to begin.

Preparing hidden jewels in and around Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi Airport of Savage After settling in the hotel for a few hours, we set out to see the beautiful Old City. Through the Grand Palace, the Golden Mount, the Gallery of Thai History, Wat Phra Keo, and the grandeur of architecture blended with religious values in ways never seen before, the experience here was completely mind blowing. Remembering the Buddha at Wat Pho was truly an extreme beauty in itself! Let us tell you some places that you might have missed but on this vacation, you should join the itinerary.

1. Dusit Park – A complex with palaces and temples

What to see: Within the area of Dusit Park, you can embrace King Bhoomibol’s Museum, Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall, Lakeside Pavilion, Vimanam Haveli, Christian Church of Dusit, Dusit Zoo, Chitalwara Palace and Wat Benkambafit.

Lying on the east side of the Chao Phraya River, Dusit Park is a perfect blend of Gentile architecture, manicured gardens, neighboring zoos, and royal touches to connect the cherries at the top. It took a full day to explore the park before going to dinner near the Riverside Cafe.

2. Jim Thompson House in Old Quang Quarter – An Architectural Masterpiece

The Ola Farang quarter itself contains an ancient style of buildings, temples, hotels, and customary places never heard before. And in this area, we found the home of Jim Thompson, the best-preserved Thai house in Bangkok.

Wow, this is it! I wanted to be there for the rest of my life where traditional paintings, wooden rooms, antiques, porcelain bowls, green gardens, Buddha’s torso were all so vibrantly compiled, we can all say, the architect Jim the Magnificent Have done my homework there in style. Do not delay at all. Now book your flight tickets with the help of JetBlue Airlines Reservations.

3. Nonthaburi – Authentic Old Century Province

Why here: About 10 km north of Bangkok, the riverbank can be reached from the express wharf of Bangkok. Being here is like enjoying life locally while visiting places such as the Royal Boathouse, Royal Barge Museum, Wat Khian Temple, Ko Kret Island, and Wat Chalaram Parquet.

The city lets one go through the fascinating craftsmanship of pottery at one end and elaborate style work on its buildings at the other. Also, away from the clutter of the city, enjoy some fresh and colorful fruits at this place.

4. UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sukhothai Historical Park – home to incredible ruins

A powerful remembrance of ancient times once again brought us closer to this hidden site, honestly, the best-preserved place with breathtaking symmetry and insight into art and culture. We realized that looking at temples, museums, plaster statues, monuments, and of course, images and carvings of the Buddha, passing through the inner city was a part of the Old Kingdom.

Why did we absolutely love it?

Meeting local people, tasting homemade food, walking between the highest to lowest points in the country, and traveling with local transport within the area makes us feel as if we have been there for years. In addition, emotionally connected to the natural beauty, architecture, and travel that we covered is something we can never forget. This trip was inevitable for us! We hope that you have learned more about what we have done and told the world.


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