4 Ways to Increase the Domain Authority Index for Your Website

domain authority
domain authority

 1. Publish Quality Content

You need to write quality content to achieve good DA points. Unique content and accessible value everywhere. If you want to write quality content, you need a great strategy.

Content is what attracts visitors and you can’t compromise on content. Use images, GIFs, and videos to make the content more engaging and interesting.

How long you write the article is not so important. The important thing is that it is unique and relevant. The content is King.

You can also use Infographic because they can make your content viral (and they can be embedded). A good content should also have a good number of words.

The number of good words is over 1,000 words. Longer posts are considered “more informative”. Your website will definitely lose if you publish the content too short.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do not copy from other people’s posts and include it in your posts.
  • Use synonyms instead of using the same word multiple times.
  • Don’t mention off-topic issues and avoid discussing unnecessary, unrelated topics.
  • Make your content considered professional.

2. On-page SEO

On-Page SEO is an on-page optimization method. It plays an important role in moving your DA from low to high. It includes technical factors like page title, keyword position, and keyword density.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when optimizing on page:

  • Keyword density: avoid keyword stuffing and keep the density between 0.5 and 1.5%.
  • Use the Title tags (H1, H2, H3,) to highlight key points.
  • Target keywords: Choose a suitable keyword for the post. Focus on long-tail keywords because they are easier to rank for. Use the target keyword once in the first paragraph of the article, if possible.
  • Structure of URL: Use an SEO friendly URL structure containing the target keyword.
  • Description Tag – Do not leave blank. The meta description tag should have target keywords.
  • Write compelling titles that contain keywords – The title of the article should be compelling and contain keywords. It is better to start your title with the target keyword.
  • Image optimization – Optimize your images to improve SEO for posts.

Without Onpage SEO, it will be difficult for the page to rank well on Google. On-page optimization is the best technique to bring visitors to your site. And if you apply SEO principles properly then it will absolutely increase your Domain Authority.

3. Internal Linking is The Key

The best example of internal linking is Wikipedia (with a DA score of 100).

Internal links reduce the bounce rate (increase the average time visitors access your site). Links to your old posts will make your existing posts more informative and engaging.

However, you always need to remember that only links to old posts that are similar in content to the current post. This will help search engines find your site content and crawl it easily.

Internal linking also helps distribute Link-juice and Page Authority (PA) within the site. Links will allow both users and search engines to easily navigate the site.

4. Create High-Quality Links for Websites

It’s not easy to create high-quality links for a website, but it’s worth it.

Many bloggers and website administrators have made a mistake here. They create many low-quality links without adding value, sometimes counterproductive to reduce their website ranking on Google.

They got it wrong at the way they do affiliate spamming. For example, they create links using sites like Fiverr and other websites, getting backlinks simply within minutes.

A lot of people work hard day and night just to get high-quality backlinks. But what are they wrong with? In fact, they are right, those who are creating illegal backlinks (not following Google’s guidelines) will pay. They may lose their rankings and their site may be penalized by Google.

So what is a “good method” for creating high-quality links?

I recommend sharing your content on social networks. Most social media sites have a high DA. Most social media sites have high DA. When you share posts on sites like Facebook and Twitter, you’ll reach new audiences. And if your content is good and gets a lot more shares, then it will have a good spread. 

Remember that even the best content needs to be shared and promoted.


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