4 Best Social Media Marketing Tools To Improve Your Targeted Audiences

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photo 1520390138845 fd2d229dd553

For online marketers, organic traffic has a separate section of the attention. They look for the easiest and fastest ways to generate a high volume of traffic for their websites. Hence the demand for social media marketing in online business.

You must not be unaware of the power of social media in 2020. And being an online marketer, it is your responsibility to take the leverage of it. It is easier to build a long list of followers across social media. But to maintain the list and to amplify it with time, you must handle your social media activities properly.

Here we have listed down the tools that the companies offering SMO services in Delhi or the US usually consider. Let’s have a look.

4 Best SMO Tools For Online Marketing 

  1. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is considered the most powerful and award-winning social media marketing tool for marketers. Maybe because of its advanced features, millions of professionals prefer this tool to go active on social media.
    Hootsuite is an enterprise-level SMM software that allows users to monitor and analyze social media marketing campaigns on different social channels. Using the dashboard, you can create, optimize, share, and schedule different posts for your audience.
    If you subscribe to this tool, you can access the team management tools, involving your entire team to launch and manage a social media campaign in real-time. That’s an added benefit. You can download the reports and can even use the app version that supports both Android and iOS devices. 

  2. Social Oomph: Are you looking for a featured tool? Social Oomph can definitely be the best option. Whether in terms of features or functionality, the tool never loses its efficiency and accuracy.

    No matter how many accounts you have on social media, with this tool you can easily handle them with this tool in less time duration. Social Oomph performs well when you are scheduling your posts at a single go. You don’t have to recheck the posts or cross-check the date to find the faults. It’s all automated. It doesn’t matter which platform you are about to perform the tool allows you to tweet and posts with perfection.

  3. Social Flow: Worrying about social media management? Worry not, when Social Flow is there for the rescue. The tool helps the SMO specialists with posts, pins, and tweet recommendations, turning the social media marketing process easier.
    Social Flow is an efficient platform that helps to build up the followers list for marketers. To have an active follower base, the tool comes with extraordinary features. It takes care of the hashtags, tags, and keywords, turning your posts trending. You can also use the features to retweet, reshare, and repost to build engagement of your brand.

    If you are wondering about engagement, take no time to choose Social Flow. 

  4. Buffer: Buffer, unlike other social media marketing tools, has a clean transparent interface rich with simple analytics features. Don’t get confused with Hootsuite, as it has almost similar benefits.

    Using Buffer, you can share posts, images, videos, and other engaging content across multiple social accounts. Just visit the dashboard and you can easily share and manage the content from there.

    Buffer comes with a Chrome extension. This makes it easier to share and manage content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social channels. This adds creativity to the content aggregation and sharing process. Moreover, it is the best tool to plan your content in advance.

  5. Agora Pulse: Agora Pulse can be a great alternative for Hootsuite. The feature that catches the eyes of the professionals is its way of creating reports. Like other software, Agora Pulse also allows us to manage and create campaigns using its dashboard. But it is something more than you can ever think of.
    Agora Pulse comes in three models – for agencies, for small ventures, and for large enterprises. No matter how big your business is, you can choose Agora to meet your needs.

    The tool comes with a ‘zero inbox’ feature that notifies the users about the tweets, posts, comments, and reviews on social media that are either newly added or have not yet handled. This makes the job easier for marketers. You do not have to search for the posts that you haven’t seen yet. It will automatically reach you through this tool.

    Agora Pulse is an interesting tool. It creates reports using slides of Powerpoint. This compels the tool to be the best one among others.


So, you have joined social media platforms to enlarge the presence of your online business and grab the attention of a wide audience. However, without the use of the above-mentioned tools, it is difficult to attain luxury.

Talk to the best digital company in Noida, Kolkata, or a region near you and hire their SMO services. 


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