What factors are to be considered while purchasing a spin bike?


Even though when you know you wish to purchase a spin bike then you definitely know what kind of bike you really need. You must have all the features in your mind, but still there are lots of loopholes that you should check for before purchasing a spin bike. To ease your research a little bit we have listed the general and most crucial factors that must be considered while purchasing a spin bike. Check out the list below and make sure you see whether these factors are present or not in the bike that you have your eyes on. 

Factors one should consider while purchasing a spin bike: 

  1. Resistance Levels

When buying a spin bike you must check for the resistance levels. Although fewer resistant levels tend to use friction resistance where generally pressure is applied to the wheel for increasing the resistance, this is more prone to breakage than magnetic resistance. 

So if you are planning to purchase a spin bike make sure to check for the resistance levels as per the need and convenience.

  1. Strength and construction

Majorly the indoor exercise bikes are very strong and durable, they are well crafted and designed after considering the major factors. 

However, this isn’t always the case with some of the basic models so we urge you to consider this when choosing a spin bike for yourself. 

  1. LCD console

A major chunk of people find that an LCD console isn’t really an important element when using an indoor cycling bike because they may only use one of these machines for a specific period of time, or will simply perform their spinning routines in time as the music is played. But, LCD should be considered an important element while purchasing the spin bike.

  1. Adjustable seat and handlebars

Ideally you dream to purchase the one that had fore/aft and up/down adjustments for the seat. Not just the seat but even flexible handlebars to accommodate different arm lengths and individual preferences because this will enable you to workout in your own comfort. So please check for them, you’ll love the ones that allow access to fully adjustable seats and handlebars. 

  1. Dimensions

Majorly the indoor bikes don’t really tend to take up a room, but if space is at a premium in your house then you may want to make a note of the exact dimensions because some bikes definitely take up a lot more room than others. So take care of this factor. 

  1. Flywheel

The flywheel at the front of the bike or at the back is another important element worth taking into consideration because it is specifically the case that the larger the flywheel the smoother the ride and the more it will give you a feel of a road bike. This is one of the reasons why the ones with the larger flywheels are mostly out of our budget. But if you have a good amount of budget then you should definitely go for the larger flywheel and relish the amazing experience. 

  1. Pedals

Many people usually prefer those pedals that have toe cages in order to eliminate the slippage factor, and many are even ready to pay a little more for the highest quality SPD pedals. We recommend you to consider the ones with cages as the chances of slippage will be very slim in them and you can workout without worrying. 

  1. Transport wheels

If you are planning to keep the spin bike in a single room then you don’t really need to think about the transport wheels. But if you think that you might want to move it around from room to room or you exchange cities quite frequently then you must go for the one that has transport wheels attached to its bottom because this will definitely make it a lot more easier to move around. 

  1. Warranty

A crucial factor that everyone should take into consideration while purchasing anything especially a workout machine. The best and most expensive models will tend to have longer warranties and obviously the lifetime  warranties in some cases. As they are generally very well crafted and built to withstand a regular usage. If you shop around you may find one or two low cost models that come with a warranty for at least 3-5 years which is good for your peace of mind.

  1. Sound 

As the spin bike will be used at home then see if they make too much noise or not, because then you don’t want to trouble your family’s peace do you? 

  1. Water bottle space

Check for the water bottle holder, as when you’ll be exercising you need to drink some water. If the machine can provide a space where you can place the water bottle then you don’t need to get off the bike and fetch some water. This will be more convenient.

  1. Tablet holder

Some indoor bikes have space for tablet holders with this feature you can always watch something or read something while working out. This is a great way to woosh the boredom and use the time efficiently. 

  1. Comfortable seat 

Make sure the saddle can be arranged horizontally and vertically. This is generally to add comfort for the riders. 


We hope that you’ll consider the above listed factors before purchasing the spin bike. As the ones we listed are very general and must be checked beforehand only. Get back to us if you need any better insights about the factors and the spin bike. 

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