5 benefits come from owning a beautiful smile

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We always like to laugh and see people laughing. A radiant smile is the “ultimate weapon” that creates affection for those around you for the first time meeting. Besides, according to scientists, putting on a beautiful smile makes the first impression, fresh also brings other great benefits.

A smile can say a lot about you: your health, attractiveness … In addition to increasing your confidence in appearance, owning a good smile also helps you succeed in unexpected ways. next. Let’s find out the reason behind this statement by us.

1. You will look much younger

A study from the Max Planck Institute, published in the scientific journal Cognition & Emotion, examined a specific group of people. This group of people will guess the age of 171 different people through the photos they are happy, angry, scared, sad or normal.

Results showed that the majority of respondents guess the age of the people who were smiling much lower. That means a good smile can make you look much younger. Researchers also note that we are more aware of smiling faces with youth. In addition, wrinkles on the face will be harder to recognize when you smile.

Nivea also conducted a survey with the number of participants up to 2,000 respondents. Nivea concludes: a good smile will “lose” an average of 2 years for your actual age. This also helps you to become more loved; More confident and more generous.

2. You will be easier to succeed

Owning a straight tooth, is often considered by people to be successful – according to the Kelton for Invisalign report. In addition, these people are more than 45% more likely to get a job than the rest; Although their level is the same.

3. A beautiful smile is the first thing a woman notices

Match.com conducted a survey of 5,500 single people aged 21 and over. As a result, 71% of women and 58% of men surveyed admitted that a good smile is the most important thing for a romantic date.

Not only that, research at the University of Leeds and Central Lancashire University has found similarities between human teeth and peacock’s tail. This also means that smiles are important in choosing a partner.

4. Diagnose body condition by mouth

Believe it or not, your teeth say a lot about your body condition. Although there were no definite correlations, the researchers found that there was a strong relationship between periodontal disease (gum gums) and heart disease.

Scientists hypothesize that vasculitis in the mouth will lead to hypertension; poses a risk of stroke. In addition, this reduces blood flow. Plaque (plaque) that breaks off from here will also risk moving to our heart.

It should also be noted that dental care is not the only factor that helps us prevent cardiovascular problems. But just in case, it’s never redundant, is it?

5. Owning a beautiful smile will increase life expectancy

According to the Oral Health Foundation, people who still have teeth at the age of 74 will most likely continue to live until their 100th birthday. In contrast, people who lost at least 5 teeth at age 65 were more likely to have sudden death.

Another study published in the journal of the American Heart Association has revealed that people with a history of periodontal disease have a 12% higher risk of sudden death than the other group. This figure is 17% for people with natural tooth loss.

By the way, dental care is an extremely important issue. This is also the basic step to be able to own a beautiful natural smile.


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