Pros & Cons of Buying Refurbished Apple Products

You might have heard of refurbished iPhone, iPad, Mac, and so on. These refurbished devices are also known as reconditioned gadgets. They are pre-owned or old products that are returned to Apple for many reasons (due to technical issues or cosmetic defects). Apple scans the product deeply and fixes all the issues. And then again put them into the market for sale at a lower price.

Most of the time it has been seen that Apple brings the refurbished devices near the launch of new products. And whenever Apple puts a new product into the sea of electronic gadgets, it becomes a hot topic of discussion among the people. All the unique features and looks attract many of us to Apple, but only a handful of people can afford them.

We all know that Apple products are highly-priced, nevertheless, this does not stop us from dreaming. If you don’t have enough money, but still have a strong desire to buy an iPhone, Macbook, iPad, etc, don’t lose your heart because you can purchase a refurbished one. You can purchase high-quality Apple refurbished products online or through third party dealers.

Pros of Buying Refurbished Apple Products -:

  • Big Savings

It is obvious that the foremost reason for buying refurb gadgets is to save money. Pre-owned gadgets allow low-budget people to buy Apple products. These products are 15-20% cheaper than the brand new models.

 For example, you can buy refurbished iPad Air 256 GB for 549$ and can save up to 100$. The same is the case with Apple phones, the price of refurbished iPhone X 64 GB is 300$ less than the brand new one. 

But if you want to buy a MacBook or a Mac laptop, you can get a maximum discount of $ 100.

  • Apple Refurbished Products are rare

Apple never promotes the selling of pre-owned gadgets and these are very uncommon. It is very difficult to find them. If you have found the device you were looking for in the refurbished section of Apple, you are very lucky, because it rarely happens.

  • Gone through Strict Quality Control Checks

 When any defective product is returned back to Apple, it runs multiple tests to find out the problem. Apple resets the device and replaces all damaged parts. And finally, when the gadget passes all the quality assurance tests, it comes back to the market for resale. But if any device fails to qualify the test, Apple will retry to solve the problem.

Many Apple buyers do not return the defective apple product to the company, they fix the issue on their own and try to sell it to their friends or other known people. But it is not worth buying any Apple device from them, you should always buy high-quality Apple refurbished Products from the Apple refurbished store or reputed vendors.

  • Works like new

Apple’s refurbished devices are the same as new ones, or you can call them better than new ones because they undergo additional quality check tests. Reconditioning of pre-owned products includes cleanup, repair, and other technical maintenance. These devices come with a scratchless new outer shell and brand new battery.

Apple’s reconditioned products are so appealing to see and work so well, that you will not feel even the slightest that these products have been used before.

  • Apple’s Standard 1 year Warranty

Same as Apple’s new products, the refurbished one also comes with a 1-year warranty. If something happens to the device within 1 year, Apple will fix it at no charge.

If any parts of the gadget do not work well or get damaged, then Apple will replace them or repair them. In any case, Apple won’t be able to fix the device issues, it will surely refund you the money. So, buying reconditioned Apple products are risk-free.

The downside of Buying Refurbished Apple Products -:

  • Time Consuming

It is a very hard and time-consuming task to find the model of your choice because there are very limited options for refurbished Apple products to choose from. You may have to wait a week or months for your favorite model.

  • You may have to choose an older model

If you want to buy new models of any Apple product in the refurbished range, this can be very difficult as most of the reconditioned devices are older versions/ models.

It will be fine to purchase older models of iMacs but in the case of iPhones and Apple watches the technology changes very rapidly, which will make you feel the difference.

Conclusion -:

If you are planning to buy an Apple product at a low price, then It would be great to go for a refurbished one. Because it is much cheaper than new models and comes with a 12 months Apple warranty. But if you want to get a gadget that features recently updated technology, in that case, you have to buy a brand new product from the Apple store.

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