Shopify Tips for Beginners to Know

With the rising growth of the Internet in this day and age, people are already utilizing their computer and mobile devices to make transactions and even sell goods over the Web. Getting an e-Commerce website built would allow you the power to reach out and sell your goods and services across the globe, irrespective of the distance and time zone.

Establishing an online shop used to be a difficult and frustrating job years earlier. Luckily that’s improved in the last few years and having the first online store up and running has rarely been simpler. 

With the online market’s rapid growth, there are many new eCommerce platforms for both big and small online stores. Shopify is one of those solutions for eCommerce that provides everything you need to create an online store for SMEs, with all the functionalities you need to sell your products to a worldwide client base. You can use its themes and templates to customize your e-commerce website or hire a Shopify web designer to create or manage the site.

Attractive web design also plays a vital role in the growth of an online company because it enhances the appeal of the products but a difficult task is to create an engaging and user-friendly website. It was never easy to create an online store at affordable rates with multiple design options but Shopify has made it simple and easy. 

Shopify does handle a lot of stuff for you, but before you dive into online store creation, you must learn a few valuable tricks and save yourself from mistakes and regrets.
In this article, we break down 5 Shopify tips to get you off to a very good start.

  • Make your design responsive
    More than half of all website traffic in this day and age comes from mobile devices. If your website interface isn’t responsive, you’re losing out on a big business share. Google makes sure that website experiences are tailored for different devices and it is more likely to suggest mobile-friendly sites to users in search queries.
    Shopify is said to have a perfect platform for building websites. You can build and customize the user interface with its drag and drop facility and set up a URL structure. And use the following methods for mobile-friendly design:
    – Optimize for the various screen ratios
    – Make CTA buttons bigger
    – Make photos the center of attention
    – Display as little text as you can
    – Minimize the amount of popups.

These techniques will enhance your web design and invite more mobile audience to your site.

  • Mention your policies in the footer
    Many new store owners forget about adding policies to their website. As consumers visit websites, they also want to look at the return policy to make sure they can get a refund if items are faulty. Policies give a credibility dimension to your website, too. This helps develop trust.
    In your Shopify admin, you can take or change the ones. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll be required to follow your website policies. If you accept refunds in your scheme, you must also accept refunds when a customer demands refunds.
  • Buy your custom domain
    Do not go for a free custom domain, it won’t do you any good. Buy a domain name if you want to create a brand and your business credibility. This will cost you some money, but it will not go wasted. If you are looking for ease of use and no configuration you can get your domain name. Besides, all your SEO efforts will be geared toward the main domain of Shopify.
  • Add some plugins
    The Shopify plugins are extremely useful and can be used to improve user loyalty, accelerate purchases and raise revenue. You need to install plugins like HubSpot CRM, it is what you need to coordinate, map and develop your customers and leads. It automates your marketing campaigns. Next can be Social login, which is a simple feature allowing seamless authentication before a purchase is made and Smart SEO plugin to make your store visible to search engines.
    Make the most of these plugins to take your site to the next level by improving the user experience.
  • Consider SEO techniques
    Shopify has good SEO functionality. The design is user friendly and gives all that the platform wants to succeed in the search process. Shopify gives you all the tools you need to make use of them. It is wise to begin on-page SEO earlier by implementing a few steps e.g. Create and upload a sitemap, Apply appropriate keywords to the respective pages, Optimize images, Attach unique names and meta tags to each page, etc.
    Also, try to build and promote linking for better website visibility.

These Shopify tips will ease the operation of your online store. Start off simple and humble and continue to learn what there is to know about eCommerce and website promotion. Use the information learned on your quest to accomplish your goals.

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