Uses of Ultrasound and ECG Machines in Hospitals and laboratories

Hospitals and laboratories
Hospitals and laboratories

We all know that the use of Science & Technology as becoming very popular these days. Both of them play an important role in the success of a country. As we all are present in the 21st century therefore the use of machinery is very common these days. Machines are the best invention of the latest technologies. These technologies also contain some scientific strategies for their use in different inventions. We can also say that the latest Machines are the best examples of Scientific Inventions. As we are in the 21st century the use of machines is very common in every field. These fields have become very easy due to the use of Machinery. One of the best use of machinery is in medical fields. As the medical field is becoming very advance for the use of different equipment and gadgets. Now huge medical facilities such as Hospitals and Clinics are using many advanced medical types of machinery for doing their surgical activities. As we all know that these types of activities require proper handling and concentration. Some of these medical activities are needed proper measurements for measuring internal body readings. Such as Measuring Body Temperature, Blood Pressure, Measuring Glucose quantity in our body, counting of affective cells, counting of infected cells in our body, and many other surgical activities. Many medical machines like, ECG machines, ultrasound machines, operating machines, x-ray machines, and many other machines are used for diagnosing our body parts. There are also many machines available that are used for measuring the number of blood cells in our body. There are also many machines available that are used for measuring body temperature which includes a thermometer, blood pressures, and many other measuring machines. There are also many machines present which are used for the number of chemicals in our body. As we all know that heart disease has become very popular among people these days. Our heart is the most important part of our body because it circulates blood flow in different parts of the body. There are many bacteria available in the environment which cause different forms of heart disease and consider savior heart attacks. So for measuring the condition of heart doctors and surgeons uses a different kind of medical machines. One of the best heart diagnosing machines is the ECG machine. It is a computerized structural machine that contains the number of electrode plates and a monitor which provides the output graphical representation of heartbeats. It also produces a graph of voltage versus time of the electrical activity of the heart. The ECG process starts by placing an electrode on the skin of patient which measures the heartbeat of patient and provide output on the attached monitor in the form of graphical representation which let the doctors and patients know the condition of the heart of the patient and let them know which sort of diseases have taken place in the human heart. The ECG machines are now widely used in many hospitals and laboratories because of which the ECG machine price in Pakistan is very reasonable for the hospitals and clinics or even laboratories. Another important machine which is mostly used in hospitals and laboratories is an ultrasound machine. It is a diagnostic imaging machine which is used to create the image of internal body structures such as blood circulating system, muscles, joints, blood vessels, and many other internal organs. The diagnostic image of the internal structure of the body helps the doctors and surgeons for finding out the source of disease and pathology. Due to the popular use of this machine, the ultrasound machine price in Pakistan is very reasonable that it can easily afford by local hospitals and laboratories.


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