How Do You Make Bathroom Look New After Bathroom Tiles Cleaning?

Make Bathroom Look
Make Bathroom Look

It’s a daunting task to clean the bathroom especially tiles for maintenance. For regular cleaning, it’s better to use the natural ingredients and mild cleaners to enhance the beauty and sparkle of tiles. But you should also get the professional bathroom tiles cleaning services at least once per year. 

Because even after doing the regular cleaning of tiles, numbers of infected germs and bacteria are still present that may harm yourself and other individuals living in that place. No doubt, it’s not possible to kill all the germs and bacteria even after getting the professional services. But you can minimize the risk of health issues and problems through considering professional assistance. 

For deep cleaning of tiles by yourself, you can use the natural ingredients including baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice. On the other hand, these ingredients will help to maintain the cleaning patterns to clean bathroom tiles. 

Moreover, steam cleaning is also a good option to keep the tiles clean as well as restore the natural sparkle and beauty of these tiles. However, don’t use the hard chemicals and bleaches on the tiles especially the grout. Because these chemicals have acidic properties and will damage the colour and quality of tiles. 

Keep The Tiles Clean Through Deep Cleaning:

To clean bathroom tiles, you should choose the natural ingredients as well as mild cleaners. For this, you can also do the steam bathroom tiles cleaning by opening the shower of hot water. Let the hot water flow on the tiles at least for 15 minutes. It will remove all kind of stuck dirt, dust and soap scums by making it soft. 

After that, turn off the shower of hot water and spread the baking soda or any other mild cleaner on the tiles. Scrub the tiles in the circular motion with the help of a soft bristle brush or cloth. Try to do it slowly. Otherwise, harsh strokes of brushes will make the scratch on the tiles. 

So, it’s better to clean it out with the help of sponge dipped in the cleaning solution. After scrubbing, let the mixture sit on the tiles at least for 15 minutes. Later on, wipe out the tiles with the help of simple water. Water will wipe out all kind of dirt, dust and residue after the completion of scrubbing. 

On the other hand, it will offer a shiny and bright overall look to the tiles. Keep in mind, you need to dry out the area appropriately after the completion of these activities. Otherwise, heavy foot traffic on wet tiles will make the tiles dull and filthy again. 

Remove Water Marks:

It’s better to apply a coat of sealant and wax on the tiles after getting the professional cleaning services. It will protect the tiles from staining as well as marks. On the other hand, it will offer resistant against water and moisture to keep the tiles free from the growth of mold and mildew. 

After getting the heavy mold build-up cleaning services, apply a sealer on the tiles at least once per year. It will offer a smooth texture to the tile’s surface as well as save the tiles from moisture and water deposit. 

Use Sealant Or Shiner To Enhance The Sparkle Of Tiles:

To enhance the shines and natural sparkle of tiles, you can do the bathroom tiles cleaning with the help of baking soda. It will also offer protection to the tiles from the heavy build-up of mold and mildew. On the other hand, it will offer protection against germs and bacteria growth due to stains and spills on the tiles. 

So, with the help of this natural ingredient, you can clean bathroom tiles by investing a little amount of time and effort. Moreover, it offers gentle cleaning results on the tiles without damaging the colour and quality of tiles. 

To enhance the shine of tiles, you can also use the vinegar with any other mild cleaner and detergent. Pour the solution on the tiles and scrub the tiles with the help of a brush. After that, let the solution sit on the tiles for a few minutes to get the desired results. 

The appropriate sitting of the solution on the tiles will extract all the soap scums and hard stains on the tiles. On the other hand, it will also minimize the build-up of mold and mildew. After that, clean the tiles with plain water to remove all the residue. 

So, you don’t need to invest a lot on chemicals and bleaches when you can get the desired and eco-friendly cleaning results by using the natural ingredients. 


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