What Are the Responsibilities of a Caretaker at Home?


Helping your loved ones when they get old does not always have to mean that you need to have a lot of time yourself. If you are busy with your daily life or live far away from your elders, you can still find good home caretaker services in Hyderabad.

But you need to understand what kind of service the caretaker will offer you since there is nothing more important than keeping your elders healthy and safe at such a time in their lives. To help you out, refer to these responsibilities that a caretaker should have when you search for home care services.

Medical needs

The first and foremost responsibility of a caretaker should be to take care of the health of your loved ones. This includes keeping track of the medical appointment the elders might have, offering them medicines on time, and taking care of other chronic conditions during their service.

Care Plan

It is important that the caretaker takes time to build a  care plan for the elder they are taking care of. This care plan can include the needs of the elder and the goals elders need to achieve with the caretaker service. 

This is a great way for a caretaker to determine how many work hours they need to put in to keep the elders in their best shape. It will also help you understand if your elders or loved ones will need any additional assistance.

Basic Needs Assistance

When people get old, it tends to affect some of the most basic needs such as walking, bathing, or having proper meals on a regular basis. This is why it is important for caretakers to give proper attention on elders during such activities.


Companionship is one of the most essential parts of caregiving and it is often overlooked. When elders get old, they tend to feel lonely and feel left out because they cannot continue the regular things they used to do. The feeling of loneliness can be impactful on their mental and physical health. Hence, it is necessary for a caretaker to offer adequate companionship during their service.


Since the elders are unable to do most of the physically intensive tasks. They will need the help of a caretaker to take care of the household activities. This include doing the dishes, taking out the garbage, cleaning the house, washing clothes, etc.

It is your responsibility to make the caretaker aware that your loved ones need help with these activities as well, preferably during the time you interview them.


Another important aspect of caregiving is taking care of the medicines that your elders need on a daily basis. Whether these are for any kind of injury they had, for any disease or just nutritional supplements required every day.

Since the elders will start having weak memory, it is the responsibility of the caretaker to make sure that the elders are taking their medicines regularly. Additionally, they will also need to take care of the supply and expiry dates.

Meal Preps

Your elders are now unable to take care of themselves or do any physical activities, this includes standing for a long duration due to weakness. Since old age takes a toll on mobility and reflexes, it is important that their caretaker will help take care of the daily meals your elders need to take. This includes preparing meals three times a day or any additional snack meals they require.

Make sure you consider these tips when looking for best Home Care Services in Hyderabad for your loved ones.


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