Morning erection as a sign of good health

Morning erection as a sign of good health

Morning erection is caused by reflex, it is caused by physiological processes in the body. According to various studies, babies already have this type of erection – boys during development in the abdomen. Erection in the morning is basically a sign of excellent male health. It means that there is enough of the male hormone testosterone in the male body, that the penis is supplied with a sufficient amount of blood and also that the overall health of the man is in perfect condition. 

It is not the result of erotic dreams, as many women think. When a partner wakes up with pride, they suspect him of unfair erotic ideas with other women and unnecessary conflicts arise. However, the truth is that the penis can respond to even smaller stimuli during the night – for example, contact with a partner, contact with a duvet and the like. 

During the night the erection repeats several times, resolve your erection use Fildena 100 at himsedpills or vigora lasting a few minutes and “culminates” in the morning due to increased hormone levels. The second reason for a morning erection can be a full bladder, because the penis often wakes up to action due to internal stimuli in the body.

When she came

So use it! After all, you have a lot of energy in the morning and it is very easy to maintain an erection that came “without work”. Morning love is better and more effective than several hours of exercising in the gym or fitness center. 

What are the benefits of morning love? 

It helps improve heart function, increases love hormone levels, relieves stress, improves mood, burns calories and even improves the relationship between partners. In addition, it is advisable to practice love in the morning even if you are trying to have a child, because hormone levels are higher in the morning than in other parts of the day.

If he doesn’t show up

The morning erection is fine. The problem could occur if a longer morning erection does not occur. As for the short-term phenomenon, ie it does not appear in the morning for a few days and then “returns”, everything is fine. Apparently you were just going through a more demanding period of stress, or you overcame a certain illness and the lack of an erection was the result. 

If the morning erection has disappeared and is missing for a long time, you should look for the cause. There can be several reasons. Either the penis is insufficiently perfused, which may be related to the onset of another disease (heart problems, blood vessels, high cholesterol or other diseases affecting the blood, a symptom of a neurological disease or a scattered hormonal profile) or is the result of a psychological problem such as depression or long-term stress. You can also check low testosterone symptoms in men, and if you have the same conditions as the ones suffering from low testosterone, then you should consult a specialist.

There are several ways to solve the problem of missing a morning erection. You can see a doctor and if you rule out another disease, you can start taking natural vitamin supplements for men, which contain extracts of various plants.  Just be sure that you get these supplements from trusted and certified places, like Supersmart.Thanks to the regular use of Fildena 150mg, the hormonal level is adjusted, blood circulation is improved and you gradually work on adjusting your erection.


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