Plymouth Rock Assurance “Prime” Tool


Business cycles tend to be radical. This is one prime fact that Plymouth Rock Assurance has accepted and has been trying to seek solutions in the insurance policy line. With the growth in technology over the years so has the internet phase users increased in quite a recommendable range.

Plymouth Rock Assurance, a Boston-based insurer provides services to Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, landed a new online application called ‘Prime.’ The application is set to give insurance clients the mandate to purchase and control auto insurance policies and at the same time getting provisions from local agents as reported by the Boston Globe.redguard names

Plymouth Rock Assurance Company is a piece of creation behind Mr. James Stones, an established executive with diverse knowledge, particularly in the Economics field. He is the executive leader behind his mastermind creation of the Plymouth Rock Family of insurance companies that include Plymouth Rock Assurance, Northeast personal lines insurer, Bunker Hill Insurance Company, and the management company behind Plymouth Rock. Nonetheless, Plymouth Rock Assurance has Chris Olie as its president and helps run the company.

The Prime System has been programmed to take care of the purchase of a client’s policy over the internet, in the website; which is then transferred to an independent agent who can further aid in consultation and advice if need be. It should be carefully noted that all sold policies have to be sent to local agents. In the short run, the application successfully eases the choices that have to be made by a customer by handling the power of obtaining both the internet and advice from an agent all in one package.

The introduction of the Prime application brought up a controversial debate that raised fear among the local independent agents as it was understood that agents would be cut off the picture. On the contrary, the management clearly stated that the application wouldn’t achieve redguard names its primary function without the agents in the cycle. It was further explained that agents would get alerts on clients for follow-ups even if the application was not complete. Moreover, Prime offers a unique value where both agents and customers benefit by being offered a level field.


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