a museum honoring the work of what tv icon is located in mount airy, north carolina?

tv icon 1625296542
cinematography, cinema, camera @ Pixabay

For those of you who don’t already know, I’m a writer for wikiHow. I’ve been with them since my early teens and now write for different articles on the site. There are plenty of things in Wikipedia that haven’t been written about yet, so it’s not surprising to hear that new articles are being added all the time.

But this isn’t always happening… Sometimes you’ll find an article that has been recently published but doesn’t seem very well-written, or worse, is simply incomplete – it could be missing key parts like examples or explanations! The effect of this can be disastrous on a wiki: users might get confused or think incorrectly when reading the article. This can lead to errors or even vandalism.

It’s our job to make sure new users are led to a good article but also that they don’t get lost along the way. We’re always checking articles for new additions, updates, and changes. We also work closely with our wiki community in finding ways to improve wikiHow at large! (This means you, all of you!)

We’ve updated the article on North Carolina’s mount airy museum since this point. It was originally written by a user who has recently left wikipedia due to Wikia having specific policies in place as well as wikipedia staff being very active and helpful with edits.

I’m the new writer for this article, and since I am not familiar with this topic, I’ll have to say that it is a very well written article. Since the other user left the article unattended for some time, it was hard to find any information on the topic and it was also not in good shape. Now that there is someone who is interested in writing about this museum, I hope you can continue maintaining such a well-written article.

The person who wrote this statement above me may be new to WikiHow but he did a great job in writing about North Carolina’s mount airy museum. He wrote it from the perspective of someone who is not very familiar with WikiHow and still managed to write a good article. However, there is no need to be too “on guard” about this article because Wikia is also a great wiki that keeps an eye out on Wikipedia articles for quality, just as Wikipedia does with its articles. This means that if what you’ve written on WikiHow is good enough to be published as an article on Wikipedia, then it’s pretty good!

I hope you like the new information which has been added to this wiki page and please feel free to continue adding more information. Thanks for reading!

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Lol! Thank you for the compliment! It’s good to know that someone who’s been a part of the community for a while is still interested in what we’re doing. One thing I’ll say is that we’re always here to help, and I’m sure that anyone who reads this will be able to reach out if they ever have any questions or need some advice. If you ever get the chance, feel free to stop by and say hi on my user page!