what does jtfo mean in texting

If you ever receive a text message from someone with an unknown number, this is the secret code alerting you to which they are. It stands for “just the facts”, and it is used to signify that these particular facts should not be repeated.

In texting, it would simply read “JTFO” in order for you to know someone wishes to keep the information about him or herself confidential since they’re only sending it via text messaging.

Sometimes, when one is in the heat of a conversation with someone and they don’t know what to say, they will simply send “JTFO”. If you ever receive such a message, it means your conversation partner wants to keep their information private.

Basically, it’s one way of ensuring no personal information is shared with strangers. This code word can be used in various situations – including the instance when you’re out at a bar or club and you receive a text message from someone who appears too eager to talk to you.

It’s good to know not all information shared about others is given willingly. There are some people out there who would rather keep details about themselves under wraps.

This practice is useful to know because you don’t want to be texting someone who doesn’t want to share information about themselves.

As always, it’s a good idea not to become anxious with these kinds of messages. But in the off chance you ever receive one, rest assured – it’s actually a sign someone cares about your safety and privacy. It might seem like a mystery code at first, but you do have the key to decode it.

JTFO. This can mean just the facts or just tell friends only (the latter is more appropriate).Just tell friends only (JTFO)

Definition: This is a common abbreviation that means to keep the conversation private. There’s no need to repeat it. Use it when someone sends you some information that you don’t want other people to see, such as someone else’s phone number. It can also be used if someone is sharing about something bad that happened and they want to let the person know what happened but not everyone else.

How JTFO got started: Back in the days of old school cell phones, one of their main uses was texting messages back and forth between friends. The abbreviation JTFO came around because of the “text speak” that was used with these phones.

How to use it in a sentence: Since this technological term has come around, people have used it differently. It means any number of things, but the meaning that is often used is JTFOJTFO meaning “Just the facts, ma’am. Just give me the facts.” This can be used when someone is talking about something serious, or gossiping about someone else. They’re just giving you some info; don’t ask any questions or pass it on to anyone else.

In the modern day, JTFO is sometimes used to indicate that there is sensitive information being shared, or a person is trying to conceal or hide information.

In other words, when a person sends you a text message and says “JTFO” – it means they’re not giving away sensitive information on purpose. It’s only when they say “JTFO” that you know this message needs discretion as well.

You can use it if someone tries to engage in conversation with you but doesn’t want their information shared with anyone else. They just want to tell something about themselves – and they don’t want anyone else to find out.

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