what level does pupitar evolve

what level does pupitar evolve 14925
what level does pupitar evolve 14925

You may have noticed that your Pupitar is not evolving into Tyrantrum, but rather a slightly different Pokémon. This is because the game has changed and you now need to meet new requirements in order for it to evolve. You can find out how to evolve your Pupitar by reading this post!

As you can see, the game has changed and evolved. The level cap for leveling up is now 70 instead of 100. This means that if your Pokémon reaches a higher evolutionary stage than its final evolution, it will continue to evolve as long as it has enough candy to do so. For example, before this update Pupitar would only be able to reach Tyrantrum which was at level 55 but after the update they could also theoretically evolve into Mega Tyrantrum (level 60) or even Omega Tyrantrum (level 65). But in order for them to get there you need two things: the right Evo Stone and plenty of Meltan Candy!

You may have noticed that your Pupitar is not evolving into its final form upon reaching level 55. That is because Meltan Candy, introduced to the game in November 2018 as a result of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, can be used for evolving Pupitar into Tyrantrum at any level instead of just levels 40-55 like it was before! The only thing you need now is an Evo Stone, which will change your pokémon’s type while also giving them a power boost.

In order to evolve your Pupitar into Mega Tyrantrum or Omega Tyrantrum you first need to obtain an Evo Stone that matches their current evolutionary stage (there are stones for all stages). For example if they are currently holding onto a Dragon Scale then you need to give them a Dragon Scale Evo Stone. Once the stone is obtained, be sure that their moveset contains Rock Tomb or Mud Slap and replace it with Earthquake as they will only have two of those three attacks once they evolve into Tyrantrum. Then just take your Pupitar onto an open map in order for Mega Evolution or Primal Reversion to activate!

The process for evolution can vary depending on what version of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee you are playing but most importantly because Meltan Candy work across all levels instead of just level 40-55 like before so there is no longer a level limit when using this candy item! This means that if you want to evolve your Pupitar to Tyrantrum before level 40 then you can do that because of the Meltan Candy.

There are no other items needed in order for evolution but if this process does not work and your Pokémon is still at stage Pupitar, it might be a glitch on their game’s system or maybe just an error with how they obtained their Evo Stone. In either case, try resetting the game and restarting from scratch by deleting all save files until it works correctly! If there are any problems when evolving into Tyrantrum, please remember to call Customer Support so we may help out as quickly as possible!

Some people find themselves stuck between levels 50-70 depending on what form of playstyle they