Fashion is the language of the soul. It is an expression of the self and a way of keeping up with the trend. Everyone loves wearing sunglasses with a suit or a dress as it immediately makes oneself more stylish. These days, people are becoming more and more eco-conscious and it is evident in their fashion choices as well. For example, Ozeano vision’s eco sunglasses are gaining appreciation from everyone for how trendy and eco-friendly they are. 

Why is it necessary to be sustainable?

The global average temperature has risen over 1-degree celsius since 1880. This may seem a significantly small amount but look at the changes it is causing already. Icebergs are melting, which is causing a rapid increase in ocean levels. This results in flooding, creating immense trouble for residents nearby who lose shelter, food and valuable items. Animals like polar bears that live on icebergs and igloos are losing their shelter and are left stranded in the oceans.

On the other hand, these rising temperatures are disrupting the forest ecosystems. Increasing droughts, causing wildfires; not only is this affecting the forest land, but it is also causing immense hardship for the animals living in. The ozone layer is developing holes that are allowing harmful UV radiation to enter the earth. 

What is causing this? Excess emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide is the reason. Emission from cars, factories and the burning of fuels are the most common sources. While manufacturing, factories emit a lot of toxic gases into the atmosphere. Fashion industries are no exception. High fashion industries exploit young workers and cause a lot of pollution. It is high time to make the right choice to be sustainable. 

How to shop sustainably? 

               While choosing fashion brands, ensure that they are carbon-neutral. Companies like Ozeano are taking several initiatives to be carbon-neutral and eco-friendly. A range of their products like Ozeano vision’s eco sunglasses is sustainable yet very trendy. Also, keep an eye on whether the companies are engaging in eco-friendly projects. Certain companies are associating with the Seabin Project, contributing a donation to reduce sea pollution. Companies are partnering with Sight For All to help prevent eye diseases. The change one makes with every purchase is marvellous. It is necessary to know where one is buying from. Look out for brands that offer to recycle and reuse. Buy from ethical brands that offer hand-made sunglasses. This improves job opportunities for a lot of people as well. Check for carbon offset credits of the brand before buying and support the companies that are investing in renewable projects. 

Benefits of shopping ethically and sustainably: 

                 Sustainable shopping aims at maximising the benefits that consumers receive while never compromising on being environmentally friendly. Sustainable shopping is taking conscious decisions that positively impact society and nature. One is ensuring that no child laboured to produce the product and also that all workers are receiving the minimum wage. More importantly, one is constantly helping the environment. Studies show that by the year 2050, there would be more plastic than fishes in the ocean. By practising ethical shopping, one ensures that the oceans are not being polluted and potentially risking the lives of several marine animals. Sustainable shopping does not lead to deforestation and adversely affect myriad wildlife. It does not impact the environment negatively and always looks out for ways to contribute back to it. 

In times of accelerating climate change, sustainable and ethical shopping is the last resort to save the planet. Choose the right brands and lead a responsible and fulfilling life.

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