Safety Gloves: The Perfect Companion of Working Hands

Safety Gloves

Safety gloves are essential to ensure the safety of workers working under various circumstances. It is a necessary item of Personal Protective Equipment that ensures the safety of hands. Dealing with different kinds of materials will affect the skin in different ways. Hazardous materials in workplaces can cause injuries, and it is necessary to handle those materials efficiently to ensure the safety and protection of hands. It can only be done by using hand gloves that suit each type of work. Safety gloves serve different purposes in different industries, though their primary function is hand protection. Let’s look at different types of gloves available on the market and their features and advantages.

Rigger Gloves

Rigger gloves are perfectly designed gloves for dealing with rough materials. They offer proper hand protection for people who are working in mines, construction sites and other industries. These gloves evade the possibilities of getting injuries like cuts, abrasions, etc. They are tough and fit but comfortable while working. 

Mechanic Gloves

Mechanical gloves are designed for people who work on vehicles and other mechanical equipment. Mechanics do not give rest to their hands once the work gets started. So, it is essential to take the necessary measures to protect their hands. The selection of a good pair of gloves is critical for mechanics while repairing machines or vehicles. It will help to prevent arm injuries, cuts, burns, etc.

Chemical Resistant Gloves

These gloves give protection to hands from dangerous chemicals that workers have to deal with in work situations. These gloves are usually made of various kinds of rubber or plastic. It is more effective to use gloves of thicker material to get maximum resistance to chemicals. 

Anti-vibration Gloves

Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome is common among workers who have continuous exposure to heavy vibrations while using power equipment like drills, jackhammers, chainsaws, etc. Anti-vibration gloves offer protection from HAVS. 

Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat resistant gloves are suitable for conditions prone to heat or fire hazards. These gloves will protect from burns and other similar injuries that may occur during processes like welding or working under exposure to flames or high temperatures.

Heavy Duty Gloves

Heavy-duty gloves are mainly designed for tough jobs. The protection that heavy-duty gloves give is far higher than any other types of hand gloves. These gloves are used for different kinds of jobs. These gloves are made of leather and synthetic rubber and prevent burns and shock. They often have cuffs too.

Precision Work Gloves

These gloves help to perform work that has to be done with great precision. For that, these gloves are made of lightweight material and are perfectly fitting and help to maintain agility and dexterity while doing precision work. 


Using safety gloves will make any worker confident to deal with various materials in workplaces. They are of real help to workers to finish their work safely and securely. Before buying gloves, make sure that they meet the safety standards. There are suppliers both offline and online who can deliver bulk orders to individuals as well as contractors. For a worker, safety is as important as work. Gloves are the best option when it comes to the protection of hands. 

Know the purpose and choose to buy the perfect pair of gloves. 


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