Safe Internet 2021: How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet

During the pandemic, kids have spent too much time on the internet, probably more than they were allowed. 

However, now the time has come to keep kids safe from excess internet usage and the world of the internet.

After the pandemic and its induced lifestyle, a lot has changed. Kids sacrificed their routine to the coronavirus outbreak and managed to stay at home with little to their entertainment.

From studying online to watching Tv shows at home, there was nothing fun for the kids for more than a year.

Parents on the other hand summoned to their demands of increased internet usage during self-quarantine, as they had no other choice. 

Moreover, parents with low internet service at home manage to get better Tv internet bundles for kids at home.

This access to digital devices opened doors to be exposed to potentials hazards and inappropriate internet.

Parents need to keep the kids informed about the internet risks and safe internet behavior, most of the parents tend to ignore this part and comes straight to rigid monitoring and restrictions.

After the outbreak and even in 2021 having access to digital devices has now become a need for the kids as well. Therefore, instead of taking away the devices, there are some steps you can take to make sure your kids know the right and wrong of the internet world:

Create Shared Accounts on Social Media

Social media can have a toll on the minds of young ones. However, many schools and curricular activities platforms depend on social media presence. In such times, parents are allowed to create an account that their kids and they can share on social media.

Remind Kids about the Possible Dangers of being Online

A few years ago, there were lesser mediums for internet awareness. A lot of us have done mistakes of adding anyone on Facebook or sharing pictures with strangers on Instagram or being too friendly with someone above our age on Twitter.

However, now your kids have you. 

You need to make sure your kids do not repeat your mistakes and have knowledge of what possible dangers can arise from their unrestricted social media interaction.

Make them understand the value of saying no to uncomfortable communication, irrelative demands, and more.

Install Safeguards

Lots of apps and VPNs allow parents the total monitoring of their kids while they are using the internet.

Through these mediums, you can know which sites here your little ones visiting and what type of people were they being friendly with on social media.

While these were the suggestion for keeping kids safe on the internet, there are more things to do in 2021 to make your kids safer.

The Disconnect

As per research, Americans of all ages are spending hours online.

While in the pandemic, people had few options for entertainment and information but now things have shared 

become normal and so should your lifestyle.

Having an increase in screen time can cause a poor sleep routine, feeling of loneliness, indications of depression, and decreased physical activity.

The time is coming for you to disconnect your kids from the screen and connect them with the family for healthy mental and physical being.

For this, you need to first let go of your devices.

Once you have learned the ways to turn off the screen you can search for ideas to make this happen for your kids as well.

The easier way is to plan some good indoor activities such as yoga session, table tennis, a game of scrabble and or a good TV shows with your kids.

This might take a little effort but it will be worth the effort when your kids will enjoy being at home.

If not then you can a small picnic at the near park, which is safe and also refreshing.

Bring Kids back into action

Pandemic has been tough for young minds. With little exposure to the outside world, your little ones were forced to find entertainment through digital screens. However, with a little effort, you can bring your energetic kids back into the picture.

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