When Is It Time to Call a Professional Plumber?

Professional Plumber

May it be cleaning the showerhead when the water pressure is low or tightening up the existing trap when there is a leakage in the kitchen sink; many situations can be fixed using simple plumbing tricks. But there are situations when the five-minute fixes don’t work. Instead, trying to repair the plumbing issues without the right expertise and equipment might worsen the problem and put people and the house at risk. Thankfully, experts like Command Plumbing Services are available one phone call away to help contain the catastrophe. But for that, one needs to be able to identify plumbing emergencies that require the hands-on work of a trusted local plumbing professional.

Here are some of those situations.

When the Basement Is Damp

There might be a situation at home where the basement gets soggy every time it rains. It is a mistake if one dismisses it as a weather problem. Houses are built to withstand the weather conditions of the area and the seeping of water. If the floor and the walls are damp, it could be a major weatherproofing issue or faulty insulation. Leaving this issue unattended for a long time might lead to bacteria festering in the moist environment causing respiratory problems. A professional plumber would be able to spot the origin of the leak and prevent damage.

When the Toilet Water Won’t Stop Running

Running flush water is a sign that there is a severe issue in the plumbing system. It can go unnoticed for a long time as it does not cause significant problems or noise. However, running water not only leads to wastage but also has a heavy impact on the bill. This happens when the seal connecting the toilet tank to the bowl is damaged, and the water leaks in, signalling the tank to refill itself with water continuously. A plumbing expert would be able to spot and remediate the issue easing one’s worry about the constant flushing noise and the increasing bill amount.

When the Pipes Have Burst

Winters cause the pipes in the waterline to freeze and burst due to the sudden drop in the temperature. This can cause an overflow of water for a significant period and cause damage to the adjacent pipes, the house and any appliances nearby. It is challenging to identify which pipes have burst, especially those behind the wall, buried in the yard, or under the house’s foundation. But experts can locate the problem area and jumpstart abatement to help save the place from flooding and causing more damage. They would also be able to stop further damage by fixing the bulging pipes that might burst under abnormal pressure.

When There Is No Water Pressure

There are times when the water pressure is so low that one has to spend 20 minutes in the shower to rinse their hair or abandon doing the dishes as there is no water coming out of the faucet. Undiscovered clogging, blockage or leak might be the primary causes of this issue. People tend to poke into the shower or the sink to clear a minor clog. But this could end up resulting in bursting drain pipes or damaged bathroom appliances.

So, it is highly recommended to immediately call professional plumbers like Command Plumbing Services if you identify any of these issues at home or in the office and ensure everyone’s safety.


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