15 Essential things to do when planning a trip to Coorg


There are many destinations and places to go with your friends, family but deciding the one can be very difficult. You can search the places according to weather where you can enjoy the chilly and nice atmosphere. During summers, you get plenty of options to decide on, one of them all is Coorg.

Planning a trip to Coorg can be the best choice in summers if you love hills. Nowadays, everyone has a busy schedule from kid’s schools to elder’s job. So, if you want to make your trip more memorable with your fellow beings, then follow all these tips mentioned in the article-

1. Best time to Visit– Be careful when choosing the dates and season on visiting Coorg. Though extreme travellers don’t choose the specific season to visit Coorg, some usually visit in the month of October-May. During these months, the climate is neither too hot nor cold. But, carrying little warm clothes is also suggested during night time.

2. Go for a morning walk– In chilled weather, morning walks are perfect. You can join the accompany and go for a morning walk that will make your trip more memorable. Most tourists prefer to do every possible thing to enjoy the weather if they are staying for a week or more.

3. Try food from local restaurants– Try local for vocal, you won’t regret. There is something about the Coorg place that makes every tourist love the local restaurant’s food. If you are planning to visit Coorg, don’t miss the food that is finger-licking good food at affordable prices.

4. Public transport for convenience– There are many places to visit in Coorg, so if you are staying in a Coorg resort, for moving to other place take public transportation than your vehicle to enjoy the thrill for free. Public transportation is quite cheap and will last you a good memory.

5. Experience Riverside Camping– Camping is one of the most loved and liked activities by the tourists from past few years. There are late-night parties at the riverside and many sports activities to entertain them. Moreover, the average cost is also around 2200 INR per person.

6. 5 Star resorts– To make the stay more comfortable and memorable, book your Coorg resorts. An individual has a special desire from a 5-star rating resort, from meal included to all basic amenities. Every resort has its terms and conditions, thus, if you are planning to visit a Coorg then book your resort in advance to avoid any delays in the future or on a visit.

7. Visiting Golden temple– There are many temples in Coorg to visit but the Golden temple is a beautiful Tibetan monastery. It is famous for morning prayers and also to help the child know about the Tibetan culture and food. This is the only place in Southern India with Tibetan culture.

8. Go for trekking– The trip is incomplete without trekking on hills. No matter how experienced or beginner you are, take a moment and explore these beautiful trails. Afterall, trekking is the most exciting activity to do on hills.

9. Other activities– Regardless of trekking, there are many other activities that a tourist must do on visiting Coorg. The activities including rock climbing, river rafting, jeep safari, etc. If you want some cool adventure and thrill in your trip then these activities are a must-try.

10. Go fishing– If you are fond of fishing and travelling to Coorg, visiting the Kaveri River is a must. Coorg has many lakes and rivers and the majority of them are rich in aquatic life and best for fishing. The best time to go fishing is in June during the monsoon.

11. A heritage Tour– People with interest in knowing about the history, Madikeri fort is one the best place to visit with the family. Built-in the 17th century, the palace has a clock tower, a park and a museum enriched with historical beauty and the entry is free. It was renovated by Tipu Sultan and also by Britishers.

12. Dubare Elephant camp– If you are an animal lover, visiting this place would your dream. Taking care and feeding the elephants is one the most fun activity in Coorg. Visiting in cool summer will be the ideal time where you can bathe and ride on the elephants and it cost around 700 INR per person.

13. Mountain Drive– With the beauty of stars and clouds in the mountainy area driving in Coorg is one of the best things to do. You have a choice in hiring a vehicle like whether you want to go in jeep or bike. Starting in the evening and reaching the beauty point experiencing the stars and moon it takes approx. 2 hours only and it only cost around 350 INR per person.

14. Microlight Flying– People who are in love with adventure should do microlight flying. Fly around 5000 feet above the ground to feel like a bird and feel an adrenaline rush. It takes 30 minutes from the start from Ponnampet to the south of Coorg. The cost is around 2500-3000 INR per person for a single ride.

15. A Cycling tour- One of the different and amazing activities is a cycling tour to the KoteBetta and having different terrains in your ride to the destination will increase your overall experience. The average cost for the activity is around 4000 INR per person.

To conclude-

For every roller-coaster experience in your life, trips are a soothing activity to calm the inner self. Trips are perfect if you have a accompany of your friends, family. So, in summers if you also want to enjoy the chilled weather then a must-try Coorg destination. Coorg resorts are the perfect place to stay with your friends, family. They had a pleasing staff with all basic amenities. If you are visiting for the first time then all the above tips would help you in making a beautiful memory from early morning walk to local street food, and whatnot.

Create your memory and visit different places!


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