Choosing the Right CBD Product: Tinctures, Oils, Edibles, and Strains


There’s a lot going on when it comes to the world of medicinal cannabis. It has been evolving over the last few years, becoming a huge industry thanks to what it has been capable of doing for those with pain-inducing diseases and inflammatory conditions.

However, as medicinal cannabis evolves, so does a derivation of it known as CBD. This compound is a type of cannabinoid known as cannabidiol, and it has an incredible advantage over medicinal cannabis because it doesn’t get people high. As stated over here, there several things to consider though regarding which one is better than the other.

Overall, they are both capable of providing the same health benefits, which makes them really good options as alternative forms of treatment. Despite that, a lot of people are jumping in the CBD boat just because of what I mentioned earlier: CBD is not psychoactive at all.

But for beginners, what are the things they should consider, and when should they engage in consuming CBD as a form of therapy? In this article, I will guide you through the process of choosing the right cannabidiol-based product and teach you when you should consider using one of them.

First of All: When to Consider Cannabidiol-Therapy

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding both medicinal cannabis and cannabidiol therapies and medications are when people should actually use it. And it is very normal, considering that there’s a lot of people who do not know the medicinal properties of both.

You should consider using CBD when you suffer from a pain-inducing disease. Things like cancer, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases are very good examples. Bearing in mind that cannabidiol can reduce inflammation as well, it is claimed as one of the best treatments for inflammatory problems.

Now, a lot of people use CBD to deal with their insomnia or sleeping disorders related to stress, and others also use it to fight anxiety. This is possible thanks to its relaxing capabilities.

You might also want to purchase products based on cannabidiol if your pet (especially dogs and cats) suffers from some of these conditions, due to the fact that cannabidiol is pretty safe for animals, in comparison to cannabis which can be toxic to them.

But let’s talk about the products you can find and their differences.

Tinctures and Oils


These are probably the most common presentations. Oil and CBD tincture for sale are very similar because they enter the same category of product, and they only have very small differences related to their taste and uses. 

Oils, for example, are usually taken raw, and although they can be combined with other things, they might not be as tasteful in that regard. Tinctures, on the other hand, can be combined with teas and other herbal infusions.

Both options are known for taking a little bit of time to cause a desirable effect since it can take from an hour to half an hour to kick in, but the effect can last for a lot, usually lasting up to 4 hours. They also provide a moderate effect, but it can be tricky since it depends entirely on the amount consumed. 

That’s one of the things you have to know about oils and tinctures: finding the right dosage can be a little tricky. A dropper, though, can be incredibly handy when it comes to this, so you might want to add one to your shopping cart.

Ideally, when it comes to CBD, you should always start with small dosages, but a dropper becomes a really useful tool because it can help you get very specific dosages, and slowly increase if needed.

Gummies, Candies, Gel Pills, and Edibles

CBD edibles are probably the most popular options inside the community, just because of their appeal and taste. Edibles can provide very similar results to oils and tinctures since they take pretty much the same time to kick in, and also, last for almost the same duration. 

The thing about edibles is that they might be easier to deal with for beginners due to their physical presence and how managing it becomes much easier since you can calculate with your eye. 

However, they can be more expensive and might not last as much since they have expiration dates. The expiration date depends entirely on the type of product, though. Edibles like cookies might last less than gel pills, candies, and gummies, for example.

Smokeable Strains

Back in the day, cannabis strains were among the most popular forms of consumption, if not the only ones. They could be used along beverages like wines to create infusions, and they could also be smoked through blunts and pipes. Nowadays, you can buy different types of products to greatly facilitate the process.

The thing about smoking cannabidiol strains and flowers is that they can provide a much, much quicker effect than their counterparts, usually taking only around ten minutes to kick in. The effect is much stronger too, and it can be of great help at dealing with pain-inducing conditions and inflammation. However, the effect tends to last for much less, up to 2 hours.

Although there’s also the option of using vaping oils, the idea of smoking is not appealing for everyone, so some people might prefer the other options for this reason, especially when we talk about senior people.

Last Words

Of course, there’s much more information to consider about all the options listed in this article, and if case you are interested in reading more, you should visit this article:

However, as long as you understand your needs and preferences, choosing one of the products using the information provided in this guide is more than doable. 

Understand that each option is capable of achieving the same goal, only in different ways, so all products are viable per se, you should consider one over the other just based on your needs. 


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