How to Give Your Brand a Personality


These days, more and more brands have a strong identity, which means that if you have an anonymous company, you are less likely to attract the sense of loyalty and growth that you were hoping to when you embarked on your endeavour. Whether you are launching a business for the first time or you just think that your brand needs a little bit more personality, here are some of the ways that you can do it successfully. 

Check Out the Competition 

Your first step should be to see what the competition on the market is doing. Obviously, you do not want to copy them exactly, but you do need to know how you are going to be able to differentiate your voice from all of the other ones out there. Otherwise, it is more likely that you are going to find yourself lost in the crowd. 

Make the Imagery and Words Match 

When you are creating your brand, you do not only want to focus on the visual aspects. Sure, it is important that you get the logo, colour scheme and the rest of it working well, but it needs to match up with the words on the page of your website as well. For example, you do not want a serious black-and-white colour scheme with some zany and imaginative words. Getting the support of a professional copywriter like Ed Prichard can help out in this regard. 

Have a Conversation with Your Brand 

Imagine that your brand was a person. You can then set about questioning them and working out some key responses that will tell you a lot more about what it is all about. For example, you could ask things like ‘how would you describe yourself?’ and ‘what do you have to offer to your customers?’. This way, you can get to know your business a lot better, and this can help out with your overall communication strategy when it comes to responding to customers on social media. 

Establish Brand Guidelines and Train Your Staff

Next up, you need to establish a series of brand guidelines that will be used throughout your organisation. These need to be properly explained to your staff members as everybody needs to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Otherwise, all of the work that you have done will be for nothing whatsoever. 

Create More Subtleties 

Further down the line, once you have the core components of your brand voice, you can then begin to establish a few more subtleties. For example, how you speak to customers over email may then start to differ with how you are speaking with them on your social media accounts. This helps to add an extra layer of complexity to your brand and everything that you are trying to do. 

Creating a brand personality is something that even the biggest of companies struggle with. However, with sustained effort and careful management, you can certainly achieve this goal and reap the rewards from doing so.


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