All You Need to Know About the American Akita Dog

In this article, we will reveal vital facts and information about the American Akita Dog breed. So, let’s get started…


This breed is big and powerful with an intimidating yet noble presence. The nobility of this dog is no surprise as it was first of all used as guards for Japanese nobility and royalty. 

Apart from serving as guard dogs, they were also used as tracking and hunting dogs. Visit for a list of the best guard dogs. Animals they hunted included black bears, wild boars, and on some occasions deer. With this fearless attitude, this dog doesn’t turn its back on fights or challenges. 

This makes them loyal and fearless guardians and protectors of their adopted families. So, if you know any family that owns an American Akita, avoid making trouble when the dog is nearby: You might not like the outcome. Despite its fierceness, this dog is also affectionate, amusing, and respectful if you train and socialize it properly. 

Akitas shed a lot and drool as well. So, if you don’t have patience for cleaning up, you don’t need this dog. Despite their loyalty, they can be somewhat stubborn and they do not like strangers. While these might be good watchdog qualities, the services of an expert trainer are needed to help them interact with people and other animals.

While intruders should be afraid of this dog, family and owners will have a loyal and lifelong friend who will always be there when needed.

Important Stats

Breed Group – Working Dogs

Height – 2 to 2.3 feet. They are 4 inches taller when measured at their shoulders.

Weight – 70 to 140 pounds

Life Span – 10 – 12 years


We’ve graded the following Akita temperament and characteristics under lowest, low, average, high, and highest. “Lowest” and “Highest” are the extremes.


  • Adaptability to living in an apartment – low
  • Good for first-time dog owners – low
  • Sensitivity level – highest
  • Cold weather tolerance – highest
  • Hot weather tolerance – highest 
  • Being alone tolerance – lowest

General Friendliness  

  • Affection for family – highest
  • Kid-friendly – lowest
  • Stranger-friendly – low
  • Dog-friendly – lowest

Grooming and Health Needs

  • Shedding amount – highest
  • Drooling – highest 
  • Grooming ease – lowest
  • General health – high
  • Size – high
  • Weight gain potential – high


  • Ease of training – low
  • Intelligence – average
  • Prey Drive – high 
  • Potential to wander – high 
  • Barking or howling tendency – highest 
  • Mouthiness potential – average 

Physical Needs

  • Intensity – average
  • Energy level – high
  • Exercise needs –high
  • Playfulness potential – highest


Matured male Akita stand about 26 – 28 inches tall and they weigh about 85 – 140 pounds. The females, on the other hand, are as tall as 24 – 26 inches and 70 – 110 pounds is their weight range.



Akitas are willful and bold, naturally suspicious of strangers; however, they are very loyal to family. These dogs are intelligent, alert, and courageous. Furthermore, they also show aggression to other dogs; this is common among the same sex. Hence, they should be the only dog within a household. 

When with their family, they are very playful and affectionate. They love companionship and will take part in most of their family’s daily activities. 

Their mouthiness potential is average; hence, it isn’t uncommon to see them carrying toys as well as other items in their mouth. While many people think they don’t bark; this breed is a very noisy bunch. They have been known to moan and grumble; and if the need arises, they bark loudly.

They have a strong personality that can overwhelm you if you don’t have an equally stronger personality. This is why American Akitas are not recommended for first-time dog owners. They are equally not for those who are timid; rather they require a firm owner that still provides loving discipline. Click here to learn how to discipline your dog without punishment.

The energy level of this breed is quite high, therefore, you need to engage it in a lot of physical activities and exercises. Failure to do this can lead to boredom, which in turn, can lead it to become destructive. 

If this breed isn’t properly raised, it can become very aggressive. As a result, owners should pay attention to their early training and socialization. Since they are naturally stubborn, you will require additional patience when training them.

Coat Color/Grooming

Unlike the Japanese Akita that have only white, red, or brindle coats, the American Akita’s coat comes in different colors. They have a double coat with a thick and rich undercoat and a short topcoat. 

Although grooming the dog itself isn’t so difficult, you will have to do a lot of vacuuming to get rid of the fur it constantly sheds. Hence, there should be no surprise when you see fur everywhere in your home. 

Akitas shed heavily twice or thrice within a year. You can reduce the amount of fur floating around in your home by brushing the dog’s coat weekly.

This breed is very neat as they perform self-grooming. Despite this, you need to bathe them at least once in three months. This will be done more frequently if your dog picks up the habit of mud-rolling or rolling in anything smelly. 

Trimming of nails ought to be done every month, and the ears should be checked weekly for redness, bad odor (signs of infection), or dirt. The ears should be cleaned weekly with a dampened ear cleaner cotton ball. 


The recommended feeding is 3 – 5 cups of a high-quality dry feed once a day.

This is the general recommendation; your Akita might need more or less. Hence, you have to discuss with your vet to determine the best diet for your pet.


What we have done in this article is that we have given you the vital facts and information you need to know about the American Akita dog that will help you take care of one effectively. 

Do you own an American Akita dog? What has your experience been like? We would love to hear from you…

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