Top Three Best Comedy Shows Of All Times


There are several thousand ways to break down the anatomy of a phenomenal comedy series. Of course, it will make you laugh, but that is the bare minimum it does. Does it leave you with an amused chuckle, or does it produce a tear-jerking, gut-bursting laugh? Does it remarks wittily on society, or does it talk about the humorous complexities of the teenagers? 

Regardless of how you like your comedies – crude, sophisticated, or an amalgam of both, we live in this golden era of streaming. Hence, we never run of choices. But the question of the hour is, what is it that stands out amid this super-congested field?  

So, here, we will present down a list of some of the all-time comedy favorites. These run the gamut from the sketch comedies to the old classic to the current standouts, scripted programs, workplace comedies, and mockumentaries. So, settle down on the sofa, and stream any one of the hit comedy shows from our list below, and be sure to brace your ribs because they sure are going to ache from the laughter. Let us get started and address these shows one by one.  


Community is undoubtedly one of the best comedy shows of the 21st century. It is an emotional, inventive act of meta sitcom storytelling, and the show goes against all the conventional qualifications and categorization. Its basic setup follows the odd ensemble of Greendale. This is one of those ridiculous community colleges wherein the study group embarks and bonds on increasingly absurd misadventures. 

‘Community is so much weirder and funnier, and heartfelt that you expect it to be,’ states Julie, an educator who works with TopAssignmentExperts 

This is indeed one of the most touching shows out there, which revolves around finding your people. In comedy TV, the Community show delivers maximum laugh-a-minute payoff. It is quite evident that with the show, the team has embraced the full power of their writing and acting team, and it is quite evident when the show travels from one genre to the next without flinching. Before the MCU, Community had the Russo Brother, and before Black Mirror did ‘Downfall’, Community did Meow-Meow beans. Similarly, before Childish Gambino became a household name, Community put Donald Glover’s polymath gifts to the forefront. Now, where can you watch the show? Fortunately for you, all the six seasons of Community can be found on Netflix. So, it is the best time to catch up or re-watch it for the umpteenth time. However, if binging through the six seasons seems like a lot of commitment for you, and you do not know where to start, you can check out the fantastic rundown of Greg’s best Community episodes. 


When the comedy shows are allowed to run long, they happen to seem like a self-parody, and that is what happened with Entourage in its later years,’ comments Justine, an educator with TFTH. In the last few seasons, Entourage follows the same basic model that you usually see – impossibly minor Hollywood problem pops up, and it is tackled by Ari Gold essayed by Jeremy Piven, movie star Vince essayed by Adrian Grenier, and manager Kevin Connolly.  

Now, the fact of the matter is the same formula works incredibly well in the earlier seasons, but in the later few seasons, it does get a bit monotonous. Entourage is indeed a comedy for much of its running time, which stays funny and exciting, despite the limited meaningful conflict.  

Schitt’s Creek 

‘Whenever someone asks me to tell me my most favorite comedy shows of all time, I blurt Schitt’s Creek in a heartbeat. The same follows for my most favorite show, regardless of the genre. That is the kind of impact this show has had on me,’ shares Ruby, an online tutor with EduWorldUSA  

Schitt’s Creek is a six-season long show with eighty episodes, and we bet there’s not a single boring episode throughout the run. It is a Canadian sitcom starring Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy. The show revolves around the life of a wealthy family that is forced to scale down their luxury lifestyle, and in doing so, they stumble across challenges. It is outright funny for the viewers to know how even tiny challenges can seem like a mountain for someone who has always seen luxury. More so, the manner of tackling these problems by the Rose family is also hilarious for the viewers. 

Levy essays the role of Johnny Rose. He is the wealthy video-store magnate who loses all his wealth when his business manager cannot pay the taxes. Moira, essayed by O’Hara, plays the role of Johnny Rose’s wife. She used to be a famous former soap opera star who, along with their two spoilt children, move to a town called Schitt’s Creek. Johnny bought this town as a joke when the family has absolutely no money left to spend, but during the tough times, it is the residents and the town that acts as the comedic wake-up call for the Rose family. With its eighty episodes, Schitt’s Creek has given us a lot of fantastic content. Alexis, essayed by Annie Murph and David, played by Dan Levy, is the absolute standouts. Be assured; you cannot find a more feel-good show than this one. 


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