Top 5 Most Popular TV Shows in 2021

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Are you on a new TV show hunt? Maybe you’re looking for the top five Netflix TV shows? Well, if so, at the correct spot, you are! Despite the streaming service that released a trend list earlier this year, which discloses what the top five TV programs are most popular every day, finding that list on Netflix alone without delving in is not very straightforward. We are here to make this procedure more efficient.

The number one spot on this list is NBC’s mystery thriller Manifest sitting steadily on the top, closely followed by some fresh new episodes of everyone’s favorite sexy reality show, Too Hot to Handle. Then, the Netflix original series Sex/Life came in third place to keep the “sexy” trend alive.

1. Manifest

After five years gone, a commercial aircraft unexpectedly emerges. As individuals on board reintegrate into society, they begin to hear guiding voices and see glimpses of future events. The series events are developed pretty interestingly, and as the show sets, some unique mystery elements appear.

2. Too Hot to Handle

With ten new seductive tracks, the world’s sexiest no-dating dating program is back. But, unfortunately, the $100,000 reward will plummet quicker than our participants’ libido in the least sexy holiday getaway of their life for anyone who dares to breach the restrictions of no kissing, no heavy touching, and no self-gratification of any form.

3. Sex/Life

SEX/LIFE is a daring new look at female personality and passion through the eyes of a love triangle connecting a woman, her husband, and her history. Billie Connelly hasn’t always been a suburban stay-at-home wife and mother. Instead, Billie was a free-spirited and eager kid living with her most intimate friend Sasha in New York, working vigorously and playing even wilder until she married loving and trustworthy Cooper and relocated to Connecticut. Billie begins blogging and dreaming about her passionate escapades with gorgeous ex-boyfriend Brad, the enormous heartbreak she never got over. Feeling overwhelmed from taking care of her two small children, Billie longs for her past. Moreover, the more Billie thinks about it, the more she wonders how she ended up here – until her husband comes upon and reads her notebook. Will Billie’s previous revelations spark a sexual reconstruction in her marriage, or will they take her back to the things she thought she’d left behind with the same person who crushed her heart?

4. Sophie: A Murder in West Cork

Sophie Toscan Du Plantier, a French movie and television producer who was murdered at her remote holiday house in West Cork, Ireland, in 1996, is the subject of this documentary.


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5. Sweet Tooth

Ten years ago, “The Great Burst” brought destruction to the world and resulted in an unaccountable development of half-human, half-animal babies. As a result, many people fear and search for hybrids, uncertain if they are the cause or outcome of the disease. But after a decade of safely living in his secluded woodland home, a protected hybrid deer-boy named Gus suddenly comes across a wandering solitary called Jepperd. They are on an unbelievable trip across America to find answers — about the origins of Gus, Jepperd’s background, and the deep worth of their country of birth. But Gus quickly discovers that the lush and deadly outside forests are far more intricate than ever he expected. Their story is filled with astonishing allies and adversaries.


Take a look at some of the shows that didn’t make it on this list but were very close! 

  • Stranger Things
  • Bridgerton
  • The Queen’s Gambit
  • Elite
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Better Call Saul
  • The Haunting of Bly Manor


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