Helpful Websites for Those Looking to Earn Extra Income


If you are currently looking to earn a bit of extra income on the side of your regular work, then you are not alone. In fact, the number of people searching the internet for ways to make a bit of extra cash has been steadily on the rise in recent years. The internet has completely transformed the way that people can work. This means that people who are looking to earn extra money no longer have to commit to getting a formal second job. The list below outlines some of the best websites for people who are looking to earn some extra income.


If you own a car or a truck, then you might want to consider making a free account on Shiply. Shiply is a load board that has been designed to connect delivery drivers with customers. Once you have signed up with an account you can search the platform, narrowing down your search by route, location, or country. Then you can offer a quote that you would like to receive for the drive. This platform is free and easy to use and allows drivers to take control of what jobs they do and how much money they earn.

Adobe Stock

If you are a budding photographer then you should take a look at Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock is a platform that enables users to upload the images they have taken for stock photography usage. This means that if a publisher is looking for a particular photograph, perhaps an image of a dog wearing sunglasses, they will search for the keywords on this platform. The publisher can then purchase the rights to use the photograph through the Adobe Stock platform.


Swagbucks is the most respected online survey site in operation. The website pays users to participate in a number of daily customer surveys that are created by companies as a form of market research. You can get paid in PayPal cash or redeem the money you earn in the form of a voucher for many major brands including Amazon or Target. 


Sign up to Skillshare to earn money from teaching an online class, on your specialist subject. Popular Skillshare class topics include cooking, design, crafts, business, and writing. You don’t need a formal degree to teach on Skillshare, just a passion for a subject and some expertise. According to Skillshare, their teachers can earn upwards of $3,000 a year. The money that you will be paid will depend on the number of people that take your class.


If you have a lot of clothes that you no longer wear just cluttering up your home, then you might want to consider uploading these on Depop. Depop is an online marketplace where sellers and buyers are able to connect directly. Buyers will search for keywords, which will then produce a range of relevant products. The set-up of the site resembles Instagram in its design, meaning that it is easy to use. Being able to connect directly with customers helps you to build a following and make money from your unwanted clothes.


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