Top 7 Free Video Intro Makers in 2021


People making videos has changed considerably within the past few years, owing to reels and TikTok. Also, the availability of smartphones has led to a tremendous rise in video consumption. If you can capture someone’s attention in the first few seconds, that decides the number of views and likes. The starting part can either hype up the audience or turn them off the video. 

A study shows that people tend to learn more from video lectures than textbooks and articles. Stuff learned from videos stays longer in our minds, like all the movies we watch. 

The most important part of video making is the Intro. The Intro hooks the user incites curiosity and helps in building the brand image. However, this doesn’t come easy. With a variety of complex software and templates to use, choosing the best video editor becomes confusing.

This article has included the Top 7 Free Video Intro Makers in 2021 to help you choose according to your requirements.

1. Invideo

InVideo stands out as one of the best intro maker tools. Editing using InVideo is a piece of cake. It features pre-made templates, and the tool makes it super easy for you to edit your videos even if you are a beginner. One of the perks of Invideo is that all you need to do is drag and drop, and you are done.

Even if you are a newbie, there is no need to look. Further, InVideo does the job for you. It requires no professional editing experience. Apart from the above, InVideo boasts features like layers, filters, animations, and transitions. InVideo’s media library has about 9M+ media, including stock images, videos, and music. This may appeal to people looking for in-built libraries in an app.

The cherry on the top is that you get a watermark-free video.

2. is best for small and medium-sized businesses streaming their online marketing activities. This app boasts 4000 customisable video templates, with a feature that lets you create your snippets when needed. The app is free for the first two months. 

Apart from ads and video editing, you can also use this app for making collages, image resizing, and photos to videos animation conversions.

This video editor works best for YouTube intro videos. 

3. Renderforest

Using Renderforest, one can easily create intros, explainer animations, promos, slideshows, and much more. This app is the jack of all trades. It also features logo designs and web designing.

Coming with almost 50k different intro video templates, a library with various images, music, and fonts, this cloud-based app makes it easy to create a video online.

4. Filmora9

Wondershare Filmora9 is another spectacular application. Even newbies can use it. This app caters to the needs of veteran and pro users. Filmora’s free plan offers a 200-track audio-video timeline, library of effects, transitions and audio, colour, and text tools. You can always choose to buy the software with additional features. This video editor also has motion and colour controls. 

There is no online version. You can only use it by installing it on your device. 

With Wondershare Filmora9, you can easily make a high-quality intro video.

5. Biteable

This free-to-use video editing tool offers a lot more than its competitors. You can use it for free forever! That got you excited, didn’t it? But there is a catch here. You will only have access to limited features.  

With the free plan, you get unlimited exports and 4 million pics, clips, and animations to choose from. However, the free plan gives a nasty watermark to the video, which can be quite annoying for some. But you can always upgrade to better plans. This easy-to-use software lets you make videos from scratch. You can always choose a template, edit, save and export your videos even in the basic plan.

6. Flixpress

Flixpress brings all the valuable tools under one roof. Using this online video editor, you can make high-quality videos for your business and YouTube intro videos. The free plan of this video editor is quite limited. You get only 2 minutes a month with a 1-day storing capacity. However, the personal plan appeals better as it is very cheap but offers 30 days storage with 10 minutes/month.

The restrictions imposed on the app make it a poor choice for someone who wants to edit videos for free. However, the features are so useful and easy to comprehend that we’d recommend you spend your pennies on this masterpiece. 

7. Ivipid

This cloud-based video editing service is easy to use. You can choose the desired theme, fill in the data, wait for a few minutes and customise the videos the way you want. This works best for local businesses and startups. If you are just looking for software to make a raw mix-and-match video, trust me, Ivipid can make your video content stand out. 

 This video editing tool is not for free. One needs to pay $1.99 to get started. The video quality is not altered or tweaked when you use the basic plan. But the quality is certainly improved when you choose to invest. The free plan still works wonders, but the paid privileges are indeed better. For starters, the free plan will suffice. 


While most of the above-listed apps seem to cater to your needs, you must consider certain things before making the final choice. Some of them certainly offer basic and minimal features in their free plan. But they don’t provide 24*7 chat support or don’t have enough reference material or tutorials to get you started. Most of them don’t have all the necessary features on one platform.

The InVideo video editor offers 24*7 chat support with various features and resources to refer to. The 400 pre-made templates make it super easy to get your video ready within minutes. The app offers  9M+ media from iStock, Shutterstock, Pixabay, Pexels, and many more: All under ONE roof! And you can share all videos on the supported social media platforms directly. The InVideo video editor indeed ends your quest for a good video editor.


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