Your career as a Business Analyst

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A business analyst develops a business development strategy. He finds and solves problems, thus making the project successful and in demand.

What a business analyst does?

The business analyst considers the internal and external activities of the company, the existing business model, and if it fails, he advice on how to improve it.

The work of business analytics is structured as follows:

  • highlighting the needs of the company
  • formation of requirements to the resulting product or service
  • analysis and identification of business problems
  • compiling a list of solutions to solve problems
  • presentation of conclusions to the customer
  • decision implementation management, adjustment of plans.

The business analyst seeks to answer three main questions:

What should the system do?

How should a specific system functionality work?

How should the system be built?

As a business analyst, you may have difficulty answering these questions.

If you know that systems are not yours, but you can successfully communicate with customers and are willing to work together, then you really should stay in business analysis.

If you like to carefully examine the logic of building systems, analyze dependencies in databases, and check how new opportunities affect the system, you should try yourself as a business analyst.

How much does a business analyst earn?

A business analyst is a highly paid profession. The level of salary depends on the experience, skills, and field in which he works. Also in the big cities or in a large company, compensation will be higher.

What skills do business analysts need?

A business analyst will need analytical thinking and knowledge in the field he is going to work. To begin the analysis, you need to study the product itself, the company’s niche, to understand the available tools and promotion. To compile reports and presentations, the analyst must have at least a PowerPoint. If a business analyst works in IT, he must understand the basics of programming, testing, and economics.

A business analyst should:

  • know project management methods;
  • be sociable
  • be able to make quick decisions
  • be attentive to details
  • speak English.

Advantages and disadvantages of working as a business analyst


  • prestigious high-paying job
  • development of organizational and managerial skills
  • the profession combines creativity and technology
  • significance of work – the analyst influences business development
  • lots of new and exciting knowledge.


  • significant responsibility for the decisions that he makes
  • it is difficult to assess your progress as a specialist if you often change industries
  • sometimes customers may not listen to ideas and suggestions
  • the need to absorb large amounts of information in a short time.

How to become a business analyst?

To start a career as a business analyst, it is better to graduate from the Faculty of Economics, Mathematics, or Management. But if you don’t have a degree in higher education, it is not an obstacle. A good business analyst still has an education in the field where he wants to work and must constantly improve his skills while attending courses or business schools.


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