How to find tech jobs in Singapore

tech jobs

The tech industry in Singapore is growing rapidly due to the ever-changing demands in all other sectors. This industry has taken control of how things are done in all other sectors. This has further expanded its viability and capacity in terms of job creation. The need for experts in web design and development, digital communications, information security, software development, among others, is on the rise in Singapore. The tech industry is also flexible and high paying regardless of the sector one is deployed. You won’t struggle to find tech jobs in Singapore, especially if you know how to go about it. Below are top tips on how to find tech jobs in Singapore:

1. Get the necessary certification

This is among the most crucial things you should do to get a tech job in Singapore. You should have completed a diploma or degree program in the field. Some of the relevant programs to help you get a tech job include degrees in information technology, cybersecurity, computer science, web development and even game development. When you’re properly certified, there are high chances of getting a tech job. In addition to the certification, you also need to complete an internship program.

2. Search on the right places

To find tech jobs in Singapore, you must know where to look for them. The best and easiest way is to know the headquarters of these tech companies. Additionally, you can also check on some Singapore tech job portals such as Glassdoor, Jobstreet, LinkedIn, Tech in Asia, and Angellist. You must be strategic when approaching the whole process. For instance, today, the Tesla company is looking to establish a facility right within Singapore. This can be a great chance to showcase your tech skills and experience so that you can get a job there.

3. Join tech network groups

By simply joining a tech network group, you increase the chances of getting a tech job. The best thing about these tech groups is that all participants have similar interests and experiences. Whenever the members propose to have some meetings or conferences, you shouldn’t be left behind since you can easily get a mentor or a direct connection to a good tech job.


4. Build strong career relationships

It’s essential to build strong relationships and networks to get a tech job in Singapore. You should interact with other tech experts who have been in the industry for quite a while and create some connections. You can also build these professional relationships through networking platforms such as LunchClub, where you’ll find specific people who can help you in your job search process. You should go ahead and ask for help from all these people where you’ll increase your chances of getting tech opportunities since your nets will be wide cast.

tech jobs

5. Create your own website

You can easily get a tech job by creating a website where you’ll showcase your work and abilities to potential employers. In this case, you must be ready to learn new things and come up with great ideas and tech solutions that can attract hiring managers and include you to their team to tap into your skills and grow their company.

These are some tips on how to find tech jobs in Singapore. With the industry being ranked on top of all other sectors, it’s time for students to think outside the box and consider undertaking tech industry-related courses.


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