Top Reasons Why Acrylic Signage Is the First Choice by Businesses That Care About Their Image


Every business, regardless of the industry or sector in which it operates, wants to impress its target audience with a stamp of excellence in everything they do. This attitude also extends to their office and retail store signage. Typically, these attractive signs are made from acrylic, a tough plastic material that is transparent like glass that adds more than a degree of sophisticated elegance to the business. Some of the top reasons why acrylic is the preferred material for signage:

Professional appearance

With a sleek and classy look, the shiny acrylic signage lends a professional look to whichever place it is displayed. These signs are super sophisticated and represent an exclusive choice even for occupants of the corner offices. These high-grade signs, whether clear, frosted, or imbued with rich colors, attract a lot of attention and speak volumes about the class of business. You can be sure that people who see good-quality acrylic signage will have a good and lasting impression of the business.

Highly Affordable

When you consider its high-quality appearance, acrylic signs are extremely affordable. Even though it looks expensive, at the end of the day, acrylic is a plastic material and is priced accordingly. It is also great value for money, especially when you compare it with alternatives made of composite materials or even wood. Acrylic signage possesses all the sophistication you desire without the hefty price tags that can make them unaffordable, except to a few.

Specialty Finishes

Even though most customers are happy with the high-gloss finish of acrylic signage, you can also get a range of specialty finishes applied to make them super exclusive and part of your business identity. For example, you can add a metal-finished backing material to the acrylic board to show off a mirror or a brushed metal finish to the sign. The color can range from stainless steel to aluminum, silver, gold, copper, bronze, and more. You can also exercise the option of fixing vinyl cut letters on the back of the acrylic for a stunning effect, with the front looking and appearing smooth but allowing the cut letters to be seen through it. Acrylic is also scratch-resistant, according to Creative Mechanisms.

Can Be Accented 

To make them look even more exclusive, acrylic signage can be mounted with standoffs that can be highly polished or given a matte brushed finish. These mounts, typically colored silver or gold, lend the signs a distinctive corporate look preferred in high-end offices. The mounts elevate the sign off the surface giving them an added flair and dimension that work in their favor. You can pair the standoffs with screw caps in the same color to add even more style that gives your business a refined appearance that impresses customers.


An extremely versatile material, acrylic can be used to make even large size signs or easily cut into smaller pieces into regular or custom shapes. You can either bevel the edges like glass or flame polish them for a smooth and polished look. Because of their transparency, you can add custom lighting effects for a killer look.


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