Taxi Service in Milan: Enjoy a Calm and Comfortable Ride

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Taxi Nova Milanese is one of the most popular means of transport during the day, evening and night. That’s why it’s worth knowing exactly what to expect, how much it will cost you, and which are the best taxi companies operating in Milan. Read on to find out more!

Wherever you’re headed in Milan there is a taxi company waiting for you. Whether for business or pleasure, here are our top 3 picks:

1) Yellow Taxi: this company offers fixed rates with no additional surcharges even if your destination is outside a city limit. It’s the perfect choice when you’re in Milan for an overnight stay, for example.

2) Taxi Zampa: this company comes with a set rate regardless of the destination. The price is always the same each time, so you save time and keep your budget in check.

3) Taxis Centro Storico: this taxi company has a fixed rate regardless of the city you’re visiting. It’s also great for tourists who want to go to cities outside Milan, like Venice!

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The recommended routes are:

For all the above-mentioned taxi companies, the recommended routes are:

Milano Centro (Piazza Della Repubblica to Porta Ticinese, Luino to Stazione FS) and Foro Buonaparte (Piazza San Babila to Stazione FS).

Tickets can be purchased at any of the stands located near the main train station on Piazza Della Repubblica. There is one company that you must definitely avoid – A.T.M. It’s the usual case when you want to transfer money electronically, and it costs an extra fee (statistical regional rate). Be careful when choosing your company!

Usually, if the service is requested in the city center, we recommend you to go by taxi. If you’re going to a specific point in Milan (for example Porta Nuova/Dorsoduro) then it works quite differently and you should decide which company would be more suitable for your needs. Our suggestion is always to call several companies and go with which is cheapest at that moment. Read on for more information on this topic…

On every street in Milan, there are also private cars offering rides. For this, you have to rely on the driver’s honesty. Therefore, we would not recommend that you use this service. You can also use your mobile phone to call a taxi company and tell them where you are, and a taxi will come to pick you up.

The prices of a taxi ride in Milan:

In Milan, there are fixed rates for taxis regardless of the route or destination. Here is a price list for all models of taxis:

Taxis can be booked for 1 hour between 06:00 and 21:00 at the following price list: 1-hour trip – €24.00 2 hours trip – €37.00 3 hours trip – €48.00 4 hours trip – €60.00 6 hours trip – €80.00 8 hours trip – €96.00 On request for emergency situations, the price is subject to increase by 50%.

The price is also dependent on the car’s model and how many passengers are in the vehicle. The most expensive taxi model costs more than twice the cheapest one, while the second most expensive one costs three times more than the cheapest one.

When you want to pay with a credit card for your ride in Milan, you have 2 options:

You can choose between two or five days advance booking, which will cost you a 3% surcharge per transaction. During the first hour of travel, you can pay with a credit card at a fixed rate of €3.50.

The second option is cash payment only – the usual fare for this taxi is €4.00, but during rush hours it can cost up to €8.00 per kilometer.

The most expensive way to travel in Milan is by taxi! Yes, you read it right! Taxis are the most expensive means of transportation in our city! The most expensive part about taxis in Milan is that there are so many types of the – different models, different colors, big or small vehicles…


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