Is Nautical Charts Still Relevant?

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Nautical Charts are a type of data that shows the depth, shape, and location of the underwater world. It is an old system from centuries ago, so you would think it is no longer relevant in this modern society. The truth is that they are still important because they contain information about shallow areas where sea traffic begins to increase. This makes them extremely important for maritime affairs.”

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About Boatanchor:

Boatanchor is a free nautical chart system that allows to quickly and easily plot routes. The maps are well suited for navigation and speed-reading at night, as they are designed to be read at speed by looking only, with the ability to take close-up photos of any desired area of interest or deviation from the line. The maps are based on Vector Cartography technology, which refers to the creation of digital vector images for representation on computer monitors. They are therefore much more flexible than ordinary digital maps, which are always rasterized (converted into pixels). As a result, enlarged or reduced copies of vector charts can be created without loss of quality. This is especially useful in the case of charts where it is necessary to read details at high speed. The chart screen does not flicker when the image is enlarged unlike rasterized maps, which causes them to blur.

The Boatanchor system grants you instant access to any part of the world, while the accuracy of the information contained in these maritime charts goes far beyond that found anywhere else on the Web, because I have created them myself by combining many different data sources. These data sources are listed at the end of the article.

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  • How to use the chart system:

Boatanchor is designed to be read at night, as it uses a very specific font that is easy on the eyes. This font is based on a standard Naval typeface that was designed in the 1930s by Captain Samuel Lindley, RN, for use on Nautical Charts. It can be read at a speed of 50 words per minute in the dark.

If you are using a tablet, phone, or other devices that can render graphics in color, or if you have your own screen saver software, the maps will look even better when in color. Download the file for your device and send it to your device either by email attachment or by sending it directly to the application. Install the screensaver on your device. Open Boatanchor on your computer with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome if you are not already logged into Boatanchor with an account. Log in with the email address that you used for purchase or download.

The main screen will be displayed with two-dimensional overlapping views of the whole world. These overlapping images are in fact three-dimensional screensavers, so they appear to move when you tilt your head in different directions. They are unique not only because of their appearance but also because their information is so accurate, which speaks strongly in their favor when it comes to Nautical Charts.

The underwater world is always shown on the left half of the chart next to land features. Both the land features and the underwater features are represented by polygons that are scaled proportionally to match real-world measurements.


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