How to Get Rid Of Acne on Chin?

Acne on Chin

Acne is the worst experience or you can say that it is a nightmare that no one wants at any cost. When you have an important event or occasion, acne breakout is a potential skin condition that you may experience.

Acne occurs when you have clogged pores with different substances, like dead skin cells, and oil. When you have dead skin cells, they rise to the surface of your skin pores and flake off.

People with too much skin oil production do not let go of the dead skin cells. Oil on your skin and dead skin cells form into a plug that results in clogged pores.

The other reason for acne is the bacteria of your skin that get trapped behind these plugs. Experts from national hospital karachi reveal that bacteria grows inside your pore, and results in redness and inflammation. Yes, it appears in the form of pimples.

The pimple appearance depends on the different factors, like how much bacteria there is. The amount of bacteria results in a cystic or white head.

Face mapping reveals a lot of facts and causing factors about acne in specific areas. Pimples on your face areas have different meanings and reflect your health too.

People who have acne or pimples on the chin or jaws have hormone related issues which result in a pimple on the chin. Women are prone to this kind of acne.

There is a hormone which is known as androgen that is responsible for the production of sebum. Oil is responsible for clogging pores. Hormone production is at its peak during the growing period, meaning among teenagers.

A person experiences hormone fluctuation during adulthood. This means that people are at risk of developing acne issues.

Women often get acne on the chin with monthly periods. Sometimes, this acne appears on jaws as well during or before the menstrual cycle.

People should know what acne looks like. For people who get small pimples on the face and chin, then it is not acne but some other skin condition, like Rosacea. It is a common condition that results in visible blood vessels.

Ingrown hair on the chin can also result in pimples on your chin but this condition is common among men as they shave more often. This acne happens when a strand of hair grows back and results in inflammation. Such pimples become itchy and tender.

What Are The Treatments For Chin Acne?

Acne treatments are of different types as it depends on the causing factor and the type of skin. Over-the-counter medications can also help to deal with mild acne on the chin.

Treatment for Mild Chin Pimples

  • Use a cleanser to wash your face and cleanse your skin.
  • Apply ice to reduce the redness as it also alleviates the pain.
  • Use OTC medicines to deal with mild chin pimples.
  • Avoid the touch to the affected area of your skin.

Dermatologists suggest getting the treatment if you get severe acne on your chin. 

Different treatments are recommended for the acne on your chin, such as:

  • Antibiotics 

Oral antibiotics are prescribed often for stubborn chin acne problems.

  • Birth control 

Depending on the cause, your doctor may ask to take birth control pills to regulate the acne-causing hormones.

  • Laser Therapy

Acne-causing bacteria can be killed with laser therapy which has become a very common technique these days.

  • Extraction 

Your skin specialist may drain the large acne cyst to reduce the redness and inflammation.

  • Chemical peels

To reduce the appearance of your pimples, your doctor may ask to perform a chemical peel.

  • Isotretinoin 

People who get severe acne are more likely to get the Isotretinoin medication.

  • Topical treatment 

Topical creams, gels, and ointments are very beneficial when it comes to killing the bacteria which cause acne.


Experts suggest washing the face twice a day as a more cleansing routine can trigger acne. People who pop the pimples are at high risk of scars that last weeks. Visit your doctor if you do not feel any different with the natural skincare tips.


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