Considering High-Tech is Normally Yesterday’s Old News; What Does I Really Mean?


High-tech is an odd combination of words, isn’t it? By themselves, perhaps they make more sense or at least at one time the joining of the two words meant something for a bit longer. To call something high-tech these days is kind of like calling something yesterday’s old news, isn’t it? Or, if you are in your mid to late 40’s, the words might conjure up a picture of a ‘wannabe’ top notch brand of trainers that never quite made it;

Peep show

There is, however, every chance that people are only exposed to what ‘the powers that be’ want to expose them to, at the time. It’s not like Tesla just came out of nowhere and suddenly found all this cutting-edge battery technology that would enable electric cars to take on, and beat most combustion engine driven machines overnight, was it? There is more than a betting man’s chance that technology exists today that would absolutely blow people’s minds, but maybe that’s another story all together…. When it comes to services, you’ve only got to take a look at these guys to see how they are constantly changing the face of logistics!

Does High Tech Still Mean What It Used to?

Technically speaking, not really. At one time or another, most likely when technology was moving at a slightly slower pace, you could be sure to be able to call something high-tech and be able to be proud that you have the latest, most advanced product or systems in place, but not for long really and even less so these days. It’s certainly not something that has the same ‘sticking’ power to it these days when it comes to products and longevity because you can be sure as eggs are eggs that as soon as you call an item, or service ‘high-tech’, first of all its digital form is probably on some virtual cloud somewhere and,  later on that day, perhaps even sooner, it’s been superseded by something newer, better and more ‘high-tech’.

A look back, not so far

Even going back just 40 years or so when the first “Back to The Future” movie was released, or take “Knight rider” as an example back then when you looked at some of the ideas in those movies, they were like something you’d never dream could happen! Agreed, time travelling cars aren’t quite there just yet, or are they? Cars that you can ‘talk’ to or with are already back chatting so the novelty may wear off pretty quickly and autonomous vehicles are already under way in some places. 

What Does it Mean Today?

In order to call something high-tech today, whatever it is needs to be constantly evolving with the times and to be offering something a little different than anything else on the market, constant work needs to be underway to make sure that if a product or company calls itself ‘High-tech’ that it is able to live up to that name or else, surely, it’s just another flash in the pan, yesterdays ‘old news’ scenario. 

Hopefully you can already see where this one is going, tech these days, or at least ‘today’ is used to create new tech and, based upon those figures above it’s no wonder the changes are so hard to keep with. Some companies do and, they are the ones to stick with, stick with the winners!


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