How to Choose Your Cycling Jersey?

Cycling Jersey

Cycling has always been a great fascination in Australia, especially during summer. Thankfully, there are several cycling routes to track down and make your summer-ride memorable. So if anyone is preparing for Audax Australia or just thinking of having a group ride this summer, being equipped is a must, and the equipment includes having a proper cycling jersey in place.

It’s brilliant to have the most expensive, stylish jersey, although money does not always guarantee quality. To ensure quality, one must look at the following essential things before buying a men’s cycling jersey in Australia. These include:

  • Temperature regulation by removing sweat away from the skin
  • Increase efficiency
  • To stay comfortable with short or long rides, and,
  • To protect yourself from the sun

These are some essential features a cycling jersey carries to make one’s cycling experience more comfortable. This article will help one decide how to choose a men’s cycling jersey in Australia. 

  • Material of the Jersey

As the summer season is here, the fabric of the cycling jersey plays a vital role in making cycling comfortable. The natural fabric option includes wool, but it can sometimes be too itchy and smelly. But, one can use a Merino Wool Cycling Jersey if one still wants something natural. There are synthetic options available as well. These fabrics are designed to keep one sweat-free, enabling a dry and comfortable ride. 

  • Fit of Jersey

The fit of the men’s cycling jersey in Australia varies from one brand to another. Hence, it becomes essential to decide what purpose they want their jersey to serve. The fit also optimises the way one rides a bicycle. Almost all cycling jerseys are longer at the back and shorter at the front so that the back is always covered. The front may feel very short, but this is done to avoid excess fabric that causes discomfort when bent over the handles.

  • The Collar and The Sleeve

Race collar or Classic collar – decide which collar type suits you the best. While the Classic collar is well suited for the ongoing season, the final decision will always be the rider’s. When coming to the sleeve type, one can choose from short and long sleeves. One can choose long or short sleeves depending on the weather conditions they will be riding. Short-sleeved jerseys can be very versatile – with the addition of arm-warmers or smart layers, and they can be seen almost all year round. But, if someone is looking to have extra sun protection, then long sleeves can play a significant role. 

  • Some Features 

If you are going out on a bicycle, clothes can become an unwelcome distraction. Many cycling jerseys have silicone grippers on the hemline and sleeves. These act as a second skin and give an instant aero advantage. In addition, cycling jerseys usually come with three rear pockets to carry things. Hence it is always ideal to have pockets secured with zippers in the jersey. 

Another essential feature to look for in a men’s cycling jersey in Australia is water and wind resistance. It will provide the cyclist added ventilation, thus, preventing suffocation after a long ride. 


Any physical activity is easier to perform if you have all the essential equipment. For cycling, having a proper cycling jersey is very important. Therefore while choosing a jersey, examining its functions, features and performance are foremost. The look will eventually follow. Above were some of the critical elements that would make one choose a perfect cycling jersey.


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