Winter Activities for Kids


Whether you live in a place with Idyllic winter landscapes or somewhere far away from the cold and snow, winter holidays make some of the most exciting and thrilling childhood memories for all of us. Now that you’re a parent, you can fully understand why your kid loves playing in the show. However, how can you make that time even more entertaining and even educational?

What are some creative ways to engage motor skills, imagination, and perception? Let’s explore this winter wonderland of child play, by re-discovering 10 fun activities.

Ice skating

You don’t have to live far up north to enjoy this sport. Your kids might already enjoy rollerblading. Although this might seem just like a typical seasonal activity, you can make it extra special by turning it into a party! For some extra seasonal touch, consider going to an outdoor rink.


If you live near a ski resort, or if it’s within a couple of hours driving distance, it’s a great way to teach your kids skiing. Besides being a very adrenaline-driven activity, it’s also healthy. Of course, make sure to arrange proper training and that you purchase or rent appropriate equipment.


Another all-time favorite, that all generations adore. Make sure to accompany your kids on their first sledding adventure, decorate sleds, and make a snowman on the top of the sledding hill.

 Indoor park winter fun

In the case that the weather isn’t too welcoming, you can always pay a visit to an indoor play facility that can wear out the extra energy left from sledding or skiing, and other winter activities. If the weather is particularly cold, great – warm up with some hot chocolate or tea, while your kids exercise and burn their extra energy on obstacle courses and trampolines at Uptown Jungle in North Las Vegas.

Chalk hearts

Valentines Day falls in February, so you can put it on your winter itinerary. If there’s snow, make hearts in the snow, or chalk hearts on tree barks.

Frozen ice globes

Even if there’s no snow in your neighborhood, you can make ice globes in your freezer. Color them to achieve a unique look. They will be a beautiful alternative to snow figures and a way to have a piece of icy art in your yard. Your kids can compete in sculpting the most beautiful ice globe and take memorable photos with them.


Investigating the surroundings of the city or in the vicinity of your neighborhood can cause a lot of excitement, especially if you’re competing with other teams. This is ideal for the winter months, as you wouldn’t risk getting burnt in the sun. However, make sure that the kids don’t stroll away into the unknown. Excitement is great, but no one needs actual fear. Make sure that the interaction with nature is actually rewarding for children, as many studies have proven it to be.


This is an amazing activity, especially for kids that are interested in the great outdoors and the space. Move away from the urban skyline to examine whole constellations and galaxies in all their glory,


This is a great way to use several skills at once. While treasure and scavenger hunts are great, teaching your kids how to read GPS signals is even more awesome. Conveying messages in this way can become a lifelong creative habit, and your kid should learn to respect the natural explorer in him/herself.

Winter picnic

If there’s no inclement weather, the sun is mild, and the temperatures are low, you can still have a family picnic outside. Take your kids, make a barbeque, or have a New Year get-together before the start of the next semester.


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