What to Wear for Water Sports

Water Sports

Beach is one of the most beautiful places where people can spend their vacation joyfully. Those who are into adventures will also find beaches the perfect destination to spend their vacation. One can have the opportunity to swim, surf, waterskiing, paddleboarding, etc., in a beach spot. It is good to consider the wardrobe while going for these water sports. While women like to wear bikini tops and lingeries for the beach, men go for tees and shorts. Let’s look at the varieties of clothes available to wear for different watersports. 


Surfing is one of the most popular water sports in countries like Australia and North and South America. The popularity of surfing has led to a fashion boom in surf clothing. The surfer style should be casual and comfortable. One could easily pull off the costume. Surfers need to wear wetsuits, rash vests, boots, etc., in the water. But the surf brands are now releasing products that one has to wear out of the water too. Surfers have to look and act cool. Usually, people wear an oversized t-shirt, board shorts or loose-fit jeans. But to stand out, one can also wear tight muscle t-shirts. Shoes are optional. While buying wetsuits, select one with the right thickness depending on the local water temperature. And select board shorts that are versatile in style and functionality. Baggy and long ones-not recommended.


One can swim in t-shirts and shorts but, swimwear is the best option to invest in among the swimming accessories. Men can wear well-fitted swim trunks, while women can opt for a one-piece suit for more comfortable swimming. For swimming, one can wear wet suits (shortie or full) with booties, hats, neoprene gloves, and so on according to the weather. Tracksuit bottoms are safer, warmer, and comfortable for cold-weather swimming. Flip-flops are the best to walk into the water. For extra warmth, swim shoes or booties would also help. 

Water Skiing

Water skiing is one of the popular warm-weather water sports. Tracksuit shorts and tightfitting tops are the best for waterskiing. Being an adventure sport, a live vest is a must wear while waterskiing. For beginners or experts, a life vest is the one gear that everyone should wear as a safety layer. It will protect the wearer from impact as skiing on the water can be an incredible experience too. One should not forget to wear water goggles to protect the eyes from debris, water and sun rays. Full face snorkel mask is also needed while skiing in water. 

Paddle Boarding

Paddleboarding is one of the most popular water sports on the beach. It is the best pastime during summer. What should one wear for paddleboarding? Go for a lightweight and comfortable dress. It should provide warmth and ease of movement. To have a safe paddleboarding experience, it is always better to wear something that dries fast. Board shorts and rash guard is the most recommended attire. While buying a swimsuit, remember it is a Summer sport and choose the best one accordingly. Wetsuits may not be a good option. Paddleboarders also wear swim trunks instead of swimsuits.

Water Aerobics

For water aerobics, one has to wear very safe and comfortable dresses. Proper swimming attire will be enough. Bikini tops might look stunning on the beach but are not recommendable for water aerobics. One-piece bathing suits are the best for this exercise, along with a pair of water shoes. The water/pool shoes, which come in vibrant colours and models, protect feet from rough surfaces.


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