Fighting a DUI Conviction: How a Defense Attorney Can Help You

Defense Attorney

The police and other public officers are highly trained at detecting when you are driving under the influence of alcohol. State prosecutors are also highly motivated to turn all the DUI charges into convictions. For that reason, you are likely to end up convicted if you are charged with DUI. 

This is more likely to be the case if you represent yourself without the help of a lawyer. If you want to avoid the almost-sure conviction, it is wise to hire an attorney. A defense attorney has the experience to defend you and will come in handy.

Here are ways an attorney will help your DUI case.

They Investigating the Arrest

A defense attorney for DUI will investigate your arrest and see if the arresting officers followed the law to the latter. If the officer did not follow the proper arresting procedure or improperly pulled you over, it can lead to the dropping of the DUI charges. Similarly, if the arresting officer didn’t warn you that it is illegal to refuse to use a breathalyzer before arresting you, it can result in the dropping of additional charges. Without a defense attorney for DUI, you might face more charges than necessary.

They Negotiate on Your Behalf

In some DUI cases, the prosecution is focused on getting a guilty plea from the suspect and might try pressuring them into cutting a deal. If you represent yourself in the negotiations, you might find it very tough to stand your ground, especially with the severe DUI penalties staring in your face. 

Thankfully, a Ventura defense attorney for DUI will handle the intense negotiations for you. Based on the evidence provided by the prosecution, your defense attorney will point out the weaknesses and help reduce the penalty. You are likely to get a better deal if the prosecution presents a weaker case, and a defense attorney for DUI will help you maximize on that. 

They Know Prosecution Process

Defense attorneys have the experience required to defend a DUI case, and that is vital for you. They have the knowledge to present your case in the strongest way possible and increase the chances of dismissal. They also know the right questions to ask witnesses to improve your stakes in the case. Defense attorneys for DUI know how to play down strong accusations that are not in your favor and at the same time raise points that work for you. Besides, they know how to poke holes in the prosecution’s case. 

They Know How To Select a Jury

One of the key parts of a DUI case is jury selection. It is a vital step for both the prosecution and the defense. They know the ideal jurist profile to consider when choosing those who will hear your case. This will give you an edge and help you win the case. 

Hire a Defense Attorney for DUI

DUI charges can be severe, especially if you choose to represent yourself. You are likely to end up convicted because you lack the experience to fight such charges. However, when you hire a defense attorney, your chances of winning increase. Attorneys have the experience to fight DUI charges and poke holes in the prosecution’s case.


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