Crystals and the Major Types: A Guide


There’s much interest in crystal jewelry right now. Women worldwide are enamored with crystal jewelry, from stunning studs to alluring rings. However, according to astrology, crystals can negatively impact the lives of those who use them. You need to know which crystals to wear depending on your needs or requirements.  

Choosing the right crystal from a crystal shop online for oneself might be a challenge, as most of the stones are there to bring happiness and wealth to a person’s life. 

The Difference Between a Gem and a Crystal 

Crystals are pure substances that have their molecules arranged in a predetermined geometric arrangement, whereas gems are stones utilized in jewelry production. It is not necessarily the case that a crystal will also be a gem, even though it can be a crystal. 


Ruby, a deep red gemstone, is a powerful stone that can assist those who wear it to overcome their tendency toward complacency and apathy. Wearing ruby enhances one’s luck and is also suitable for one’s health. It aids the user in gaining respect in the workplace and their other endeavors, such as their enterprises.  

Ruby is a perfect crystal for people with Leo zodiac signs and the sun as their ruling planet. The ruby should be in contact with the wearer’s skin for the best results. As a result, the ideal option is to get a ruby ring. 

Yellow Sapphire 

Jupiter is the most potent planet; hence this stone is recommended for those whose governing planet is Jupiter. As with yellow sapphire, it’s the most powerful crystal on the market and a clear leader among its contemporaries. The wearer of Yellow Sapphire is said to have a better social standing because of the gemstone’s ability to resolve marriage-related concerns. It enhances a person’s ability to make sound decisions and their mental and financial well-being, all of which contribute to their overall well-being and happiness. For optimal results, wear a yellow sapphire pendant. 


Emerald, also called Panna, is a gemstone in astrological therapy. Planet Mercury rules this gemstone, which aids in coping with adversity, bringing good fortune, and boosting the nervous system. Emerald is a stabilizing stone that aids with emotional stability and self-control.  

This crystal is recommended for persons born under Gemini or Virgo and those with low levels of mercury in their bodies. An emerald ring bracelet on it is fashionable and astrologically correct. 

For instance, beautiful crystals are available at any crystal shop online, which a person can buy and cherish for life. 

Blue Sapphire

If you’re having trouble getting along with your family, friends, or even your life partner, this crystal can help. Some of the risks and problems that this crystal can remedy include difficulties in education and employment. This crystal is recommended for those born under the signs of Capricorn or Aquarius, whose ruling planet is Saturn.  

The wearer’s riches and health are also increased, which helps bring happiness and prosperity to the wearer’s life. The astrologer should be consulted before wearing this diamond. The best results can be had by purchasing a blue sapphire ring. 


Coral, also known as Moonga, is said to bring good fortune and help the wearer’s life thrive. With this stone, a person’s self-confidence and personality grow, making them more confident and courageous. Aries and Scorpio are the two zodiac signs that should wear this crystal, and Mars is their planetary ruler.  

Medically, it aids in the treatment of skin conditions and the maintenance of an average body temperature.  

The wearer’s skin should also come into contact with the gemstone or crystal. A coral pendant is both functional and eye-catching.


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