7 Summer Fashion Tips For Men


With summer on the horizon, it’s the summer season again, where our layers tend to peel away with the heat, the backyard tends to barbecue, and people move outwards to fight the heat period. Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, which occurs after spring, but before autumn. It is the period when the majority of people go on holiday. 

Dressing for the season may be tough, especially since there are several options to choose from, and it appears there is no clothing option you choose without the heat of the season telling on you by profusely sweating and then consequently making you feel uncomfortable. However, despite these, you still need to look all stylish, especially as a man.

To make it easier for you as a man to make your comfortable outfit choices during summer and also catch admiring glances, these summer fashion tips have been discussed.

7 Summer Fashion Tips For Men

Dress Up, While Dressing Down

It may be tough to achieve a business-casual look during humid summers. Thus, it is essential to get outfits that will be a happy medium between appropriate and comfortable. The great thing is there are several ways to nail this, even if you are on a tight budget.

You can shop for consigned men’s summer essentials so as to get professional brands at prices affordable enough to tempt you to buy a few at once.

For example, khaki shorts or pants are a good go-to, depending on the occasion. Khaki shorts and pants are classified as a basic essential for men because they can dress up or down any look whatsoever and match virtually anything.

Another instance of dressing up while dressing down is pairing your choice of shorts or pants with a long-sleeve or patterned button-up tee. You could as well give long sleeve button-ups a little roll for added style.

Invest In Birkenstocks

There were a time Birkenstocks were considered out of style, but they have made a comeback in recent years, and they have been around for a while now. Birkenstocks are the perfect choice for men who are not a fan of flip-flops but also do not wish to wear stuffy closed-toe shoes throughout the summer period.

Birkenstocks are comfortable to wear, and they provide the feet with amazing support. They provide sufficient comfort to wear when you desire an easy slip-on/slip-off option, ideal for errands, picnics, and beach days.

Have a Stylish Go-To Sneaker

Sneakers are fast becoming essential in men’s fashion. Although they don’t initially come to mind as “stylish” or “dressy”, wearing a neutral-toned sneaker adds a fun, yet professional appearance to any business-casual outfit.

Get a pair of sneakers that will be able to match any outfit of yours easily, so you will always have a stylish option for kicks. You could go for all-white sneakers, mesh grey, or a black-and-white combination.

Sunglasses and Sunglass Straps

One thing you should not sacrifice quality on as a man is a pair of polarized sunglasses. Make sure you protect your eyes with tinted, polarized lenses. Also, you should choose a pair of sunglasses based on your facial shape.

Sunglass straps, on the other hand, are what you will depend on to keep your shades protected from that devastating drop in the water, which is bound to happen at any moment.

Sunglass straps are also a practical piece that can add unique style to your looks. Furthermore, having your sunglasses around your neck or on your head will give you the peace of mind of your sunglasses being protected.

A White Short-Sleeve Button-Up

A white button-up is perfect for a fun date, family reunion, or even an evening boat cruise. Wearing a white button-up shirt will effortlessly give you a stylish appearance. In addition, invest in quality button-ups from brands. They are just suitable for any summer occasion, either fancy or casual. You can also dress it up with boat shoes and khakis or dress it down with sneakers or Birkenstocks.


Maybe one of the reasons men these days are unwilling to get on board with hats is because they look like silly affectations. However, the reality is that when a good hat is worn with style, it can make you look charming and dashing. Examples of such hats include Panama, oversized straw hats, fedoras big hats, and watch caps, to mention a few.

Get Festive Swimwears with Eye-Catching Designs

The list of options available for lovely and eye-catching swimwear for men is endless. Interestingly, men are lucky, considering the fact that swim trunks provide them the two-for-one advantage of being worn as swimwear and also being worn as a stylish pair of shorts. Swimwears are also budget-friendly, and they occupy less closet space.

However, it is suggestible that you choose swim trunks with fun designs and in neutral colors, such as light blue and pale pink, which you will be able to double as comfortable and casual shorts.

Additionally, there are athletic shorts that give off a business-casual look and feel. An example is golf shorts. Golf shorts got a style upgrade, and they are typically made from materials that give comfort on hot days. They are also available in neutral colors, making them suitable to match any top.

Do not be scared to splurge a little bit on about three to five high-quality pairs, as you will be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Look Stylish

Having a great wardrobe for summer is not a difficult thing, as you can easily team together some classic basics and have a summer appearance you can wear every season.

However, it is normal to wish to change your style a little bit or explore some fashion inspirations running through your mind. Whatever change you want to create in your summer wardrobe and ultimately in your appearance, your goal should be to look simple, yet stylish, and in comfortable wears. Avoid pieces that have too much going on so as not to look awkward.


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