9 Strategies for Marketing Your Manufacturing Company


If you want to expand your manufacturing company and brand, then using a range of marketing techniques is essential. The good news is that there are now more ways to reach people and companies than ever before and widen your brand reach. Whether you are starting out with a new manufacturing business or have been in business for a while, there are always new strategies that you can use to market your brand and gain more customers. Some of the top ways to market a manufacturing company that can help with expanding your business include:

Sales Representatives

Working with experienced and professional sales representatives who can sell your products and raise more awareness of your brand is an ideal marketing strategy for a manufacturing company. Working with a Carr Company manufacturers sales representative, for example, may be an ideal strategy if you manufacture a niche product or a product that is sold in a certain industry, such as construction tools or products. Sales representatives will understand the industry very well and have connections that can help you grow your business. They can reach out to potential customers on your behalf and start a connection between them and your brand. 

Digital Marketing and SEO

Despite the growing importance of online and digital marketing, manufacturing businesses tend to be in one of the main industries that is falling behind in terms of digital presence. However, investing in your digital marketing strategy can pay dividends, making it easier for your company to be found online and improving your brand awareness. Investing in a modern web design, SEO strategies, and updating your business listings in directories and Google My Business can make all the difference when it comes to getting your manufacturing company out there. 

Online Content

Along with brushing up on the basics when it comes to your digital presence, online content is still one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can use. One of the main advantages of online content is that not only is it useful as an advertising and marketing strategy, but there are also numerous ways in which you can use various forms of online content to build better relationships with both your existing and potential customers, better meet their needs and answer questions. Today, there are endless options for posting brand content online including blogs, social media, YouTube, and more. 

Event Sponsorship

Sponsoring an event that is relevant to your industry can be an ideal way to improve brand recognition and get your company name out there as one that is reputable and trusted. Find potential events and get in touch with the organizers to find out if they are looking for sponsors, before negotiating a deal that you both agree on. Today, there are several in-person and online events that your manufacturing company may want to consider sponsoring. Particularly post-pandemic, webinars are becoming increasingly more popular, and sponsoring or even hosting these yourself can be an ideal way to generate more leads and put your name out there. 

Publishing a Press Release

If you are planning an event or are in the process of manufacturing a new product that is due to be released soon and you want to let people know about it, then publishing a press release could be an ideal marketing strategy for your manufacturing company to use. Press releases are designed to make sure that all the relevant information you wish to be included in any future media publications is included, while making the structure easy for journalists to access and use. 

Instructional Videos

Today, marketing that adds value and helps with building customer relationships is often much more effective compared to salesy marketing that focuses solely on convincing people or businesses to purchase your products. As a product manufacturer, nobody knows your products better than you do, so sharing this information is not only a good marketing strategy, but also a way to show that you care about helping your customers out and making their lives easier. Instructional videos are easier than ever to create and upload and can go a long way in helping to market your brand and build your company reputation. 

Social Media

While social media is often considered to be a marketing platform that might work better for other industries such as retail, the truth is that it can be very successful for manufacturers too when used in the right way. If using social media for marketing, the first important step is to determine which social platforms are going to be the most effective. This will come down to a few things including your industry, the type of products that you manufacture and who your target audience is. Once you determine this, and align the best social networks with your brand, plan posts that are published at an ideal time and provide value to the readers. This could include news posts, curated content, instructional posts, or posts that are simply designed to boost user engagement with your brand. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most successful types of marketing for any business today, despite having a reputation that’s slightly tainted by flooded inboxes and spammers. When you do it right, however, it’s an extremely cheap way of getting your message across that can help you reap massive rewards. The key to successful email marketing for your manufacturing company is tailoring the message. Once you have collected email addresses for interested recipients, segment them into different lists so that any materials you send are relevant to the recipient. 

Product Samples

Finally, manufacturers often use product samples as a way to market their brand and build consumer trust. No matter what you manufacture, offering samples of your product demonstrates your confidence, and shows customers that you are putting them first by allowing them to try the product out before they commit to a purchase or deal. 

Manufacturers market their products to other companies, retailers, or sometimes individual customers. No matter what product your business manufactures, these marketing strategies can help you get ahead of the competition and boost your customer base. 


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