What to Know if You are Moving to the Bay Area


Moving to the Bay Area can be a dream come true for some people: but what does it really mean?  Here’s everything you may need to know! 

Of Course, It’s Expensive

The most important hurdle to get over is the price.  It’s expensive.  The Bay Area has always been expensive, and it will more than likely stay expensive through the next hundred years: so you need to get used to that sticker shock if you’re moving here.

Not only is the housing more expensive than most other areas, but the food, entertainment, clothing, and almost anything else is going to be pricier as well.

Public Transit is the Dream

Public transit here is awesome!  The traffic is a nightmare, and insurance and car payments are through the roof: so taking public transit is the only way to go.  Instead of allowing yourself to panic and end up in a car crash, take the bus or any other transit you can.  Not only is it affordable, but it’s also reliable and able to get you where you need it when you need it to.  This is a dream come true for anyone who hates driving or wants to help the environment however they can. 

Earthquakes Become Normal

Your first earthquake is going to scare you if you’ve never been in one before.  Although the ground and items around you will be swaying, your initial reaction will be that you’ve fumbled and lost your balance for a moment before you realize it wasn’t you.  After that, you’ll panic about anything that falls: but don’t worry, this fear fades.

Earthquakes are a part of life here, and Oakland houses for sale are built strong enough to withstand any shakes or quakes that could happen.  

There’s Always Something to Do!

You’ll never be bored if you live in the Bay Area.  Countless art shows, film festivals, incredible concerts, and fantastic gatherings mean you’ll have something to do at any moment.  If you’re an introvert who doesn’t want to go outside, this might get exhausting, but there’s also a lot of fun for you, with endless shops and destinations to invest in your hobbies so you can have a lot of fun by yourself as well.

You’ll Love All of the Food

One of the top-selling points for the Bay Area is the food!  From sourdough bread to chocolate, taffy, and countless other goodies: your tastebuds will fall in love.  The food here is expertly made and readily available regardless of where you go.  Although it’s pricey: everything here is a little more expensive, and the food is worth it.

Beyond how good it is, it’s also far fresher than anything you’d find inland, and you can tell that everything from the vegetables to the fish is locally sourced and was recently collected.  

The Bay Area is Fantastic

If you’re ready to live in an interesting area with the best choices for fun and excitement and don’t mind a high price tag: it’s time to head to the Bay Area!  You’ll fall in love with this destination in no time!


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