Finalizing Your Office Move: A Short Guide

Office Move

There are dozens of reasons why you might choose to move office. You might have taken notice of the pandemic and decided that you should operate with a hybrid workforce in the future. You might be growing as a firm, looking for more seats and desks in your next place of work. Or you might be relocating to a new location entirely to make use of a skilled workforce there. Whatever the reasoning behind your decision, it’s important that you take your time when you’re finalizing any office move. It’s here that you are most liable to make costly errors in your thinking due to the excitement of closing a deal. 


The best protection against making regrettable mistakes when you’re finalizing a new office space deal is to always run every piece of paper related to your case through an attorney. They can be relied upon to have their brain on ice as they consult the documents that you forward them, whether they’re from the lease provider, from the local authority, or from anyone making a legal claim against you. 

Of course, in these cases, you want a specialist attorney who knows their way around the law when it comes to leasing commercial properties. These professionals are easy to find online. Simply search for a commercial lease attorney and find an individual that you feel you can trust. Never go through the whole relocation process without working with one of these professionals. They might just save you from a very costly mistake. 

Signing Off

With your attorney in place, you’ll be prepared to sign off on your office move. This is incredibly exciting and will often represent the culmination of many months of searching, researching, and narrowing down. Your staff will be aware of your move, and they’ll be excited too. Make sure that you’re coordinating your new office opening with your old one closing so that you’re not wasting money on one lease as you open a new one. 

Once you’ve signed off, you’ll be able to start making plans for how you intend to use your new office. This is something that you can do alone, with the help of interior designers, or even with the help of your staff themselves. The space is often yours to make of it what you will, which means thinking hard about the kind of workspace you want to create. 

Interior Design

Usually, offices will conform to some form of interior design norm. These norms have been developed over nearly a century of office working in order to make your workers more productive. That said, there are various different ways in which you can arrange your office, including relatively new open-plan styles that are designed to encourage creativity and innovation. Of course, if you run a call center, you’ll have different priorities than if you run a design agency. 

When you’re considering how to make your office up, you should consider consulting experts in the field. If you’re happy to go it alone, however, make sure that you’re, at a minimum, providing your workers with a comfortable space in which they can focus and enjoy access to all of the materials and resources they need to get the job done. 


One of the fundamental requirements of an office in the modern world is that it should be accessible to all people. This includes access in terms of getting to the building from their homes and access in terms of getting into the building itself. 

Where the former is concerned, try to ensure that there are several easy ways in which staff can get to the premises. It might be useful to run a shuttle bus if your office is far from the urban center in which your workers live. When it comes to accessibility for wheelchairs, it’s your responsibility to look into how you can make your office as inclusive and welcoming as possible for all people, including adding ramps and electronic doors where required. 


Once you’ve handled all of the above steps, signed off any lingering paperwork, and organized for your staff to come into your new office, it’s well worth your time to organize a launch party. This is, after all, a huge step for your firm. Your move should be celebrated, and your staff will appreciate this exciting moment together. 

Whether it’s just a small dinner party in your office after hours or a full-on party with DJ and drinks, you should make an event of the opening of your new office to give it the feel of the fresh start that you wanted for your firm. 

There you have it: the key elements to finalizing a new office move in the coming weeks and months. 


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