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Food Safety: What it Means and How ERP Helps Edibles Manufacturers

The diverse cannabis industry has experienced tremendous growth, especially in the popular edibles market whether consumed recreationally or medicinally. Since these cannabis-infused food and beverage products come in a variety of forms, including candies, baked goods, energy drinks, chips, chocolates and teas, food safety questions and concerns for companies manufacturing these products can seem daunting.…

Virginia Attorney General Speaks at Cannabis Conference For Marijuana Decriminalization

The Attorney General of Virginia, Mark Herring, spoke at the Virginia 2020 Cannabis Conference about marijuana decriminalization in the Commonwealth. The event was organized in Richmond on Sunday by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Herring said that he supports the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana, taking action to address…

Beloit Family Cashes in on Hemp Farming – Launches a New Venture, Rock Hemp...

Image Source: Usanews Growing hemp isn’t as easy as it seems!  Adam Aberle, President of Rock Hemp Corp. said the hemp plants are definitely divas and like to be pampered and cared for a lot.  Aberle, his wife Kristina and kids Andrew,2, Addison, 6, Ava, 8, and Kaylee,12, have recently grown their first fields of…