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Thank you for your concern about us and for your contribution to the forum for businesses’ online marketing.

We also emphasize and aim to include guest authors on our web blog about technical know-how. Before writing a digital guest post for review , please read all the instructions below complete.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a group of young and enthusiastic people to create interesting and insightful articles about technology, industry, all the content we have for our blog and website, as well as digital marketing. Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or an expert, we are here to promote your opinions.

Our audience: The world’s technology and small businesses visit over 20,000 pages every month.

As follows: We have shared your content with our powerful social networks so that you can strengthen your knowledge and highlight new ideas and whereabouts.

Write guest posts for industry, technology and digital marketing to us.

What Topic you can write about

  • Computer services
  • Company
  • Digital commercialization
  • Website:
  • Literacy
  • Commercialization
  • Social networks
  • Creation of the Internet
  • Mobile technical growth
  • Marketing of Web
  • Marketing of emails
  • Marketing of contents
  • Marketing online
  • Small company

In all of the above subjects, you have the right to write a guest article.

You may also write for us real estate and finance issues for small business owners. We are also interested in some of our subjects.

Write authentic content  before you Submit

Before you apply, check out our specific format and recent papers to see how your piece is organized and formatted.

1 Has a topic and a straightforward discussion – not just a compilation of tips and tricks.

2 You’ve got a face. Be brave, interesting, human.

3 Should be written for a public of designers, creators, web strategists, architects of knowledge or the like.

4 Not all views are backed by convincing claims. Check the evidence and, if necessary, quote sources.

5 Check out our guide to style.

See “Writing is thinking” for a few wise words on the process of writing. You also should review “So you want an article to write? “We see in submissions how you can stop them and know about pitfalls. 

Processing of Submission

  • This is what’s going to happen following the hit Send:
  • An editor can review to find out if your submission suits. When this is the case, the whole team must review and discuss it. Twice a week. That’s the day.
  • The writer receives input from the team and comes back to you with notes. (For the first time we seldom consider an post, but if we’re interested we’ll tell you.)
  • Give back your updated draft once you have answered our comments. The team will speak to you again and tell you if we want to consider it.
  • Once we approve your post, an editor will be working closely with you on such matters as structure, argument and design.
  • As soon as the revisions are over, we will arrange your publishing. Unless the article is nearly ready for live we can not give you the date of publication.

As soon as the revisions are over, we will arrange your publishing. Unless the article is nearly ready for live we can not give you the date of publication.


For editorial and advertising inquiries:

Email: [email protected]