Diet and Bollywood actress Fitness Tips From (Kiara advani)


Hello friends how are you? Hope you are well. Today I will discus about a famous actress’s skin care rutine. I am talking about Kiara Advani.  Whom we have seen starring in many popular Bollywood  movies.  In MS dhoni Movie with she is seen playing the role of sakshi. She a beautifull actress with cute looks. You can check kiara advani biography So let’s start today’s topic.

Hi I am Kiara Advani and today I am going to share all my diet and fitness secrets okay I am a blessed soul and I would like to believe that but I can eat everything and get away with it not completely somewhere at some point it’s gonna show and for me the place it comes is my face so I know I cheated I need to go for run the next for my health my morning ritual is pretty simple minute.

 I wake up brush my teeth I like to have cup of warm water with lemon in it but thing it detoxifies and cleanses your system so for breakfast I like to have oats with few fruits I put apples but sometimes berry and season I add strawberies blueberries sometime oranges keep it light fibre and carbs so that I am ready for my workout and I have energy to go and workout.

 I think I am a early riser my favorite meal of day is my pre workout snack in the afternoon which is slices of apple with peanut butter and it’s best pre workout snack for me and I wake for my 4 clock meal which is this I like to workout the minute I wake up in the morning and in hour of 2 after I wake up I prefer doing it in morning you fill fresh than you also have whole day free for yourself but if I have time in evening sometimes I go twice a day.

 I workout everyday I think it’s important to do some sort of physical activity everyday if I am taking a break from gym or boxing in a week than I love dancing that’s another great form of cardio I would say I usually time my work in such a way I workout just before having lunch so ususally eat my lunch by 12.30 so if I am working out at 11 I be back in hour so currently.

 I am obsessed with boxing it’s my favorite workout I do a lot of kick boxing I do lot of functional training I don’t like weights I like using my own body box stum, squarts, push ups and everything to strenghten my own body that’s the best way to get your core strength as well I like going for my runs in evening when I travel for shoot than everything is same just the way I left but when I am on holiday with my family I can’t eat because everyone you can try eating healthy of course you can cut doen here and there but you still eating out so the besty thing to do is just walk so instead of taking a cab or public transport just put on your shoes and walk and I have always noticed because I walk so much on holidays.

 I end up losing more weight despite eating everything I like holidays instead of going to gym I should take a break and go for full holiday come back like all slim for lunch I love home made food I am a complete home foodie I love eating even other people’s home food so If I go to someone’s house I ask what is made at home there is amazing which all of us make same sabzi roti but still each house has their own little specialty or spice to it My home I like to eat Nachni roti substituted bread roti for Nachni so I eat all my meals with Nachni roti.


 I like to eat at least 2 vegetables I love spinach I alos like to have spourts Bhindi pumpkin. Pumpkin is a great vegetable I alternate my vegetable every few days I also love paneer so I avoid too much salt I avoid oil in my food just have 1 and half tablespoon of oil sodium is complete no sometimes my food may taste a liitle blend to other people but to give little bit of taste I put lemon in everything I eat so lemon is my saviour that’s why today if I have too salty I can’t take it because I am so use to eating slightly less sodium food that usually what my lunch comprises of for dinner I love fish I love salmon.

Diet and Bollywood actress Fitness Tips From (Kiara advani)

whenever I can order salmon or fish at home I try to eat fish at night if not I try to eat same thing I had for lunch maybe a different vegetable but yes Nachni roti that’s my thing right now I don’t have a set cheat day but if I really wanna eat something which is usualy sushi than I make sure that have been really good and my workout is going to be on point so I am someone who believes in doing moderation I don’t believe in crash diet and stuff because you need to make this your lifestyle you gonna do it crash diet come back to originality which is probably eating everything healthy non healthy whatever it is and than you gonna put all that weight on it’s better to do everything in moderation if you like eating sweets eat sweet but eat it in moderation pos in control portion control.

 I have learned and makes big difference you need to make fitness a lifestyle or eating habits a lifestyle you can’t rely on just crash dieting I will tell you what I did for Cheez Badi ahi mast because I really had to look my best like I said going easy on sodium sodium is a big no because salt causes water attention and it just bloats you up unneccesarily I don’t need any sugar like no sugar in my coffee. no sugar in anything since I am doing it for such a long time I realized that I love dark chocolate now chocolate is my thing I have no will power when it comes to not eating chocolate when it’s in front of me but since I don’t have sugar I only eat dark chocolate you give me ,milk chocolate and I am like I can’t do this too sweet for life so No sugar No salt keep your last meal your dinner do.

Diet and Bollywood actress Fitness Tips From (Kiara advani)
I measure my protein in take o but my mom does he always ask me every morning what is your protein in take for today I am like I really don’t know mom I know she has decided that no matter what she will add either chicken, fish or paneer so she makes sure she is keeping a tab on I eat every 2 hours I am one of those who eats every 2 hours 2 and half hours I need to have something like I said in beginning portion control Firstly as much as I wish I could eat everything and workout it doesn’t work 70% is what you eat and 30% is your fitness when we say working out more than losing weight it’s really your inner stamina fitness e is much more important we should actually focus on many times.

 I tell myself I won’t have to go to the gym but than again as I said it’s really important for fitness for more than anythimng else for building stamina I love seeing these be fit videos and I wake thinking I am going to do all this tomorrow at the gym and than when i think do I really want to do that nd anyways basically good thing about social media these really cool videos that people put up even if we don’t have trainers I think going through those videos if you train before gym you can copy what they do they do some different excited things which is always fun and challenging.

Hello Friends it is the Diet and Fitness Tips from bollywood actress kiara advani. Hope you are Injoying the article. And are interest to know about bollywood actress you can visit famous biography. Thank you.



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